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Last Photo as a 9 year old!

Tomorrow Michael, our first baby, turns 10….

Today we threw a Birthday Party for him. He wanted a backyard pool party and that is what he got. There were 13 kids here, including our 3, splashing, giggling, screaming, chasing, playing and laughing. The party could not have gone better. Everyone had fun, especially the birthday boy.

After the gift bags were handed out and all the friends had gone home, Beth gave Michael her gift to him. He unwrapped and was so excited. She made him a Super Hero Pow! tie blanket that he now calls his “onomatopoeia blanket” He has had it wrapped around him all night.

Tim made homemade pizzas and we ate curled up in front of The Incredibles (Michael’s pick – he was feeling “like a Super Hero movie would be a good fit for the day”) And after pizza we made ice cream sundaes.

In between pizza and ice cream, I asked Michael to step out on the deck for his “Last photo as a 9-year-old.” He said, “Should I stand in the corner of the deck like the other times?” and he walked over to the corner and gave me a smile.

Look at how tall he is! (Ignore the blurry-ness of the photo)

Then he asked, “Maybe can we take a photo with the pool in the background since my birthday party was today and it was so much fun?!” Of course I obliged.

He gave me that smile and it melted my heart. It reminded me of little 5 year old Michael. And seconds later I took this photo… I swear in those seconds he turned 10 years old. When did he grow up?!

Michael and I went back inside after high-fiving over his last photo as a 9-year-old and made ice cream sundaes. We took them down stairs and watched the rest of the movie as a family.

It was a perfect day.


I swear I didn’t plan this. As I am writing this, I am looking back at old photos for a baby photo to insert into this post….  and I realized symmetry of this birthday and his first.

His first birthday was a pool party

And he was surrounded by those who loved him.

And he ate a blue frosted cake.

And tomorrow he turns 10….

Last Day of School

June 9th was the kids’ last day of school. It was a much-anticipated day in the Shannon house. By the end of the school year I am out of steam. I forget to sign daily folders and planners. I can’t keep track of what special day it is for what kid, because the entire last month of school is one “Special Day” after another.

PJ Day! – wear Pajamas and bring a stuffed animal

Extra recess! – bring sunscreen and water

Movie Day!  – bring a pillow

Wear School colors! – teal and purple

Wear Grade Level Colors! – Purple, Orange and Blue respectively

Game Day – Bring a board game

Picnic Day – eat lunch outside bring a towel to sit on

And it went on and on, and rarely did each kid have the same event on the same day.

Needless to say…. when it came time to take the last day of school photo, I was almost in tears. Tears of sweet relief!

The kids have come so far. I would say that this year was the best year that both of the boys have had in school. They were blessed with wonderful teachers and even though there were some really tough times throughout the school year, the teachers we incredible and we felt supported as parents and we knew when we sent our kids to school, they were loved. It was a good year for all three kids, but the boys really hit the jackpot with teachers.

Michael finished 3rd grade on a positive note and is excited to be a 4th grader. When asked what he wants to be when he grown up he said, “I want to be a computer programmer like dad!’

Patrick finished 2nd grade with really high grades in reading. He has become quite the reader. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he said, “I want to be a Myth Buster but if that TV show is gone when I am a grown up, I want to be a science teacher.”


And Elise. We went to our very last Kindergarten Graduation. It was a bittersweet day to know we will never have a Kindergartner again. Elise, on the other hand, was stoked to move on to 1st grade. This girl isn’t really excelling in her academics. She is however, rocking at “Specials” which are what her school call Gym, Music and Art. She made it through Kindergarten and first grade will be a challenge but we have a whole summer of Mom and Elise reading time to help catch her up. When asked what she wants to be she said, “I want to be a Mom, and a Cowgirl and…. can I still be an Artist if I am a Mom and a Cowgirl too?”

A few more pics here. 

Fall 2015 Header

We had a long fall here in MN. In fact today, 4 days into November, it hit 62 degrees!

The weather has been gorgeous and some kids have even been wearing shorts to school. My kids have not been wearing shorts to school though because I am desperately behind on sock folding. Want to know a secret? Not once this week did my kids go to school with matching socks.

Anyways… the warm weather and the late turning of the leaves is why this is our greenest Fall Header yet! I missed the window of time where all the leaves were beautiful reds, oranges and yellows but this photo was taken the week of Patrick’s birthday so it counts for Fall, y’all!


Halloween 2015

I have given up the idea that I am able to influence their costume choices. It would be fun if they would like one of the costume themes that I come up with, but they were not into that this year. They each wanted their own costume and none of them wanted to match the other.

Fine. Whatever. They win. So I set aside my dreams of Harry, Ron and Hermione. And all the other trios that would make for fun costumes and let them pick.

Michael chose to be a Dementor from Harry Potter. Patrick picked Jack the Pumpkin King. And Elise declared that she wanted to be a “Rainbow Bird”

I have to admit… they chose some pretty fun costumes. It may not be a theme but they all looked cute and were super excited about their costumes.

I guess Rainbow Birds are a bit sassy.

Michael the Dementor

Patrick the Pumpkin King

Elise as Rainbow Bird

I still have no idea where she came up with “Rainbow Bird” but she was happy with what I made so I am going to call it a win.

We were invited to a Halloween party so Tim and I dressed up too. Separately, Tim is a bottle of Sriracha and I am a hen. Together we are Spicy Chicken!


More pictures here.