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Toddlers Amaze Me.

Remember this post from the beginning of April?  Michael was just starting to learn a few letters.  Well now he knows almost all of them, and he knows some words that start with specific letters as well.

Trick or treat

I am so pumped for tonight. We are taking both the boys, I mean monsters, out Trick or Treating. It will be the first time for both of them. Yeah!

Michael has been practicing saying “Trick or Treat” all day. He doesn’t quite have the “trick” part down yet, but he does say, “Treat Preez!”

Tim is going to do his best to be home by 5:30 so we can be at knocking on doors by 6.(This is a reminder to him as much as it is a blog for you all)

We will be the early bird crowd of Trick or Treaters.

Wish we could knock on all your doors tonight!

The best we can do is post pics. They will be up by the end of the night. Promise!

(I had to post this pic again, it it so cute. So stinking cute. I love my lil’ monsters)

9 months old

Patrick James is 9 months old!

PJ is now standing while leaning agains things, eating Cheerios, hunks of bread are his favorite treat. He has 7 teeth. He still is fascinated with his big brother and can not get enough of him. Another fascination is Lucy. He loves to pet her (grab her fur and pull) and touch her wet nose. Lucy is even more patient with Patrick than she was with Michael.

PJ has also started to babble more and more. Yesterday he said dada! He is experimenting with new sounds everyday. His favorite is to “motor boat” when he makes a “b” sound.

He has more determination now then Michael ever had. Nothing can stand in the way of his goal. Not even his Uncle Steve!

What a cutie. Gerber baby? I think so!