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About time Baby Girl.

I don’t know if it is more exciting because it has taken so long for her to start walking or if it is incredibly anticlimactic because it has taken her so long to start walking but either way, here she is walking without a bribe or without any coaxing.

And just like everything else with motherhood, the minute I stop forcing the issue, the kid decides to do it. Now if I could only figure out how to stop “forcing the issue” of stop throwing all these ridiculous and unnecessary tantrums and grow up already with Patrick…

here is another couple videos of her ever so cautiously taking one. step. at. a. time.

Sometimes I think about what the kids will think about this blog when they get older…

Two decades from now will they be scoffing at what an awful mother I am because (a) I didn’t scrapbook for them and instead chose the less crafty and time consuming option of blogging OR (b) I broadcasted for all the internet to see every milestone in embarrassing detail. How insensitive I must be to their fragile pysche.  In this specific instance, will Elise feel misunderstood because I was not thrilled and filled with wonder when she finally took those belated, first, unassisted steps. I can just see her reading this thinking, “Doesn’t my mother understand I was waiting to make a dramatic and grand entrance?!”

Whatever their reaction is to this blog when they are teens, college age or grown up, I hope they understand that I did this so that someday they can know what they were like as kids and this will help them understand why their mom needs an iv drip of merlot to get through the day!

Oh readers… were you expecting another sweet video of her walking because I said, “here is another couple videos…” Sorry to mislead you. When I wrote that I had every intention to upload another video but when I went back to upload another there wasn’t any more. Twice. That was all she would do. It has been almost 16 months and she has only actually walked two times. Sorry adoring Elise fans. You will have to come back another day when the Princess is feeling more up to entertaining her public.

15 Months Old!

The photos were taken on Oct 29 but I forgot about them with all the Halloween excitement, so here they are now.

Here is the scoop.

She still isn’t walking.

She will stand, take 3 steps max and then hit the ground and crawl at warp speed.

In these photos you will see us try and bribe her with a Reeses cup.

AND a blueberry smoothie because, you know, we are healthy and all 😉

She still wouldn’t walk. (she still doesn’t even at 15 1/2 months). She is hitting all her other milestones, she just refuses to walk.

This is the best  I could get with her and Raggedy.

Recognize the dress?

Those photos are from this post on January 5th. She was just over 5 months old. She hadn’t had her surgery yet. I guess considering all that she has been through, I can’t begrudge her too much for not walking yet. HOWEVER… if she is still not walking at 16 months, I refuse to pick her up when her knees get cold from the snow. How is that for tough love?!




I can’t believe how big he is. I am so proud. This makes me more happy than any of you will ever know. He has come so far in just one year. Love you Michael D.


Once Upon a Time

Tonight before bed Tim and I were desperate for a way to calm down the boys after a very rousing game of Duck, Duck, GOOSE! We came up with story time. We started by creating a “popcorn” style story where each person added a sentence to continue the story. That story had two little boys, a pork chop and a witch. The popcorn stories quickly progressed into single authored stories. This happened moments ago so I believe it is still fresh enough that I am remembering verbatim.

A story by Michael Shannon:

Once upon a time there was two adults and one boy.

One put a pork chop in the oven.

One put a cookie in the oven.

One put a pizza in the oven.

Then they ate it all.

The End.

I hope that Story Time becomes a tradition. If it does, I plan to transcribe as many as possible.