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My First Real Moms Day

No guilt necessary. I was actually with my boys on Mother’s Day. The last 2 mother’s days Tim and I have been at the AGM and the boys were being watched by family. It was so nice. I loved it. Mother’s Day should come around more than once a year!

I woke up to a quiet house. The van was gone. I relaxed and read the paper until Tim and the boys came back with breakfast and a “Mommy Flower!” that Michael picked for me.

the rest of the day was spent doing things I wanted to do. We worked in the yard a lot. We are slowly building a retaining wall in the back corner of our backyard. I got a few good hours of work out a Tim with out any complaining! I love Mother’s Day!!!

Ben, Carmen, Zeke, Carmen’s Dad and brother all stopped by for dinner on their way back home. It was fun to see Zeke. I forgot how fast infants change.

It was a good day.

I didn’t choose to be a Mother. I knew eventually I wanted kids, eventually. Tim and I had 2 big VERY big surprises the first 2 years of marriage. I was scared to be a mom. No, make that terrified!

It didn’t come naturally at first, but I feel like in the past almost 3 years I have found my groove. I am confident that Tim and I are doing a good job.

I love it all: the dirty diapers, filling sippy cups 100 times a day, kissing the boo boos, reading stories and everything in between. I never thought this would be my path in life. I am grateful that God pushed my down this path.

I love being at home with the boys and I love getting out and away from the boys. I love where I am at right now in my life. I couldn’t be happier….unless the laundry fairy came and washed, folded and put away the pile of laundry waiting for me!

To all the Mothers out there, especially mine and my Grandma Moo, Happy Mothers Day!

I give up.

I can not do it. I can not make mashed potatoes to save my life. I follow the instructions. I follow all the cooking advice from my Grandma, Mom and Shirlene but I still can’t make good mashed potatoes. I know that it is foolish to expect them to turn out like any of the fore mentioned women’s mashed potatoes, but something eatable would be nice. I think my kids will just have to wait for Holidays with the Grandmas to ever have mashed potatoes. Poor kids. I can just see their sad little faces while I explain to them that they have to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas for mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes aside, I do make a mean scalloped corn, thats got to count for something, right?!?

Busy Busy Weekend.

This past weekend was packed full. Friday night Beth came down and watched Michael for us while we went to a going away party for some of Tim’s colleagues. Saturday, my parents and Grandma came down to watch Beth in a softball tournament. Tim and Michael went with while I went wedding dress shopping with Christine. It didn’t take long and Christine found the dress, she looks beautiful in it. I joined the rest of the family back at the apartment after dress shopping and we headed out to dinner. Michael had his favorite, a cheeseburger and then we headed out to Beth’s softball game. She won the second game 17-4 (or something close to that). What a champ! My parents and Grandma headed back to Minot and Beth stayed the night again. It was a pretty early night because she had another game at 7:30 am the next morning.
Sunday morning I got up early to go to Beth’s game (because that is what good sisters do) and I am so glad I did. The game was great. They ended up losing after going 3 innings into overtime! I did my best to comentate the game over the phone to my parents, needless to say, they regretted not staying to watch the game. Beth was an All Star. In my opinion it was their 2nd baseman that lost the game for them, but hey, what do I know. Anyways, It was a long fun weekend but Tim and I both agree it will be nice to have the weekend to ourselves next weekend so we can gear up the big Birthday weekend. And by gear up I mean do 85 loads of laundry and bake dozens of cookies!!!
Thats all for now.