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Change of Plans

Last week the doctors office called and changed my induction date from October 12th to October 9th.

Tim took some vacation days last week and we headed to the cabin for a few days of R&R before the baby comes. We finished out our mini vacation in Grand Forks. We watched Beth do her thing at a UND Sioux Football game and spent some time with the Shannons. Our weekend ended on a bit of a sour note with the worst brunch ever.

Tim and I were excited to get both of Michael and Baby #2’s Grandparents (and of course Auntie Beth and Great Grandma Moo) together for a quick lunch before heading home. The quick lunch didn’t happen. We spent an hour and a half at the Village Inn waiting for breakfast. I could go on about how bad it was and the the long wait but the best way to sum it up is, we will not be eating there again.

Anyhoo… Baby is coming. Soon. I much more important things to do than to be writing posts. My list is growing longer by the day, it seems like every time we cross one thing off two more things are added. Baby’s aren’t they great 😉

I give up.

I can not do it. I can not make mashed potatoes to save my life. I follow the instructions. I follow all the cooking advice from my Grandma, Mom and Shirlene but I still can’t make good mashed potatoes. I know that it is foolish to expect them to turn out like any of the fore mentioned women’s mashed potatoes, but something eatable would be nice. I think my kids will just have to wait for Holidays with the Grandmas to ever have mashed potatoes. Poor kids. I can just see their sad little faces while I explain to them that they have to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas for mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes aside, I do make a mean scalloped corn, thats got to count for something, right?!?

August Picture Catch-Up, and Michael’s Dresser

It’s been a busy month, so as usual we fell behind in uploading pictures. Consider this my attempt to catch you all up.

First of all, I wanted to tell you about a little project Meg undertook. I had an old dresser from college that was probably just going to get thrown away, so Meg in her nesting mode wanted to reclaim it for “the kids”. After sanding it down, and layering it in primer, Meg sat down with a piece of paper to try to come up with what she wanted on it. About a half hour passed until I realized that I hadn’t heard from her in a while (I know good husband, huh), and I looked over at what she was doing. She apparently had big plans for this dresser, as she had drawn a bustling mountain side complete with a train and a car filled road.

Never thinking she would finish it, but knowing she would enjoy it, encouraged her endeavor. This is what it looked like after the first attempt:

I was sincerely impressed, until we moved the drawers to lacquer them, and we noticed this…

See anything wrong with this picture? It may take you a minute to realize that the drawers are upside down, and the mural is right side up. Meg was ready to burn the dresser right then and there, but I convinced her to try it again.

Meg was certain she wouldn’t be able to duplicate her unique artwork again, so she instead tried to remove the front of the drawers with a blowdrier and a screwdriver, thinking she could just glue them back on right side up. Needless to say, that didn’t work, and Meg was just more upset.

After I went and got Dairy Queen, we sat down and watched an episode of West Wing, and she finished her project. Correctly.

The dresser is now in Michael’s room, and I seriously doubt he knows how much work his mom put into it, but they do look great.

In the midst of all that, we managed to take some pictures of Michael, and boy is he growing:

Busy Busy Weekend.

This past weekend was packed full. Friday night Beth came down and watched Michael for us while we went to a going away party for some of Tim’s colleagues. Saturday, my parents and Grandma came down to watch Beth in a softball tournament. Tim and Michael went with while I went wedding dress shopping with Christine. It didn’t take long and Christine found the dress, she looks beautiful in it. I joined the rest of the family back at the apartment after dress shopping and we headed out to dinner. Michael had his favorite, a cheeseburger and then we headed out to Beth’s softball game. She won the second game 17-4 (or something close to that). What a champ! My parents and Grandma headed back to Minot and Beth stayed the night again. It was a pretty early night because she had another game at 7:30 am the next morning.
Sunday morning I got up early to go to Beth’s game (because that is what good sisters do) and I am so glad I did. The game was great. They ended up losing after going 3 innings into overtime! I did my best to comentate the game over the phone to my parents, needless to say, they regretted not staying to watch the game. Beth was an All Star. In my opinion it was their 2nd baseman that lost the game for them, but hey, what do I know. Anyways, It was a long fun weekend but Tim and I both agree it will be nice to have the weekend to ourselves next weekend so we can gear up the big Birthday weekend. And by gear up I mean do 85 loads of laundry and bake dozens of cookies!!!
Thats all for now.