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Two more teeth

While swinging on the hammock at the Cabin yesterday I noticed Michael has cut two more teeth. He now has 6!

I went to Minot on Monday morning to do some copying for HOBY at Dad’s store. Thanks again Dad! Then we went to Grandma Moo’s to tie the jean quilt. Thats right, I finally finished it. It weighs approx. 800 lbs, but it is finished! On Tuesday Michael and I headed out to the cabin to check out the new pond. It looks pretty dang cool. Michael got to swing in his toddler swing, which he absolutely loved and couldn’t get enough of, and play on the hammock for a bit. After all the fresh air he took a three hour nap while Grandma and Mom shoveled fertilizer (manure) and I helped break up the ground.

It felt so great to be outside. I love spring. Of course I was sun burned afterward, but it was worth it.

Today I have a check up, I will post more about it later on the Baby Shannon #2 page.