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“Big TV”

–straight from the farmer’s mouth.

It took all afternoon to prepare, multiple shopping trips, one cooler, four chairs, 5 blankets, 1 sleeping bag and 3 blankies to go 15 minutes to our local drive in movie theatre to see Pixar’s latest hit, UP!

A friend and her husband invited us to join them. I thought, if we are going to do this extra hands will be needed.

I was right.

It was a long night. Great, but long.

It started with waiting in line in the mini van with 2 toddlers, 1 dog, and Kelly and I. We sat in the car for just over an hour, waiting to get a good parking spot.

The rest of the night went by in a haze of tractors (never leave home with out them) hot dogs, popcorn, a handful of tantrums, lots of happy screams and one very cute movie.

The movie didn’t start until just after 9pm. That is 3 1/2 hours past PJ’s bedtime and 2 1/2 hours past Michael’s. The night went better than expected.

Michael played in the dirt from the minute we parked until we put him in the car at 11 to go home. PJ explored, made new friends and had a few very sleepy melt downs.

The night ended with me in the back of the van holding PJ while we watched the movie out the window. Tim sitting in a camping chair wrapped in the jean blanket and Michael still digging in the dirt (he was working on a very important “BIG PILE”)

It was a good night. A good movie. A good experience. A great family outing.

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Boys night in, Girls night out!

Tim had another video game night last night, and instead of just sitting around listening to them shout at their computer screens, Jess and I got together for a Girls Night Out. It was great to get out, but we made the mistake of choosing Georgia Rule as our movie pick for the evening. I can honestly say that the Squirt soda I got for the movie was the best part of the two hours spent in the movie theatre. The movie was awful, not only was it two hours of Lindsey Lohan in see through white dresses and no bra, the plot was bad and the acting (Lohan and he Mormon Suitor) even worse. The only redeeming parts were Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda. If it wasn’t for those ladies, we probably would have walked out. Even though the movie was bad, it was worth it to get out with Jess. After the move we went to Applebees and were shocked at how old we felt. It was 10pm and we the oldest ones there waiting for a table. We were tired and ready for the check by 10:30. When did I get so old!!! I guess a husband and a baby and a half can really change a girls view of her social life.