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Long over due, but worth the wait

As promised (many times… I have never been that great at promises ;)) here are pics and video (Tim calls them VLOGS)

more pics here

and the videos…lots and lots of video. What can I say, we had a lot of free time in corporate housing and then our memory card was full so we had to take video instead of pictures.

First one to watch them all wins a prize 🙂

*one more video coming soon

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We now have internet up, not exactly running though. Tim’s computer (the main one we both use) got shook around in the move and is on the fritz. I am on Tim’s work laptop now.

Hopefully Tim will be able to get his computer up and running again. Until then, there probably will not be to many updates… even if we did have a working computer, we still have unpacking to do before we start on computers.

I have put my foot down. No computers or Myth box until we are settled!

Home Sweet Home

I am writing my first blog post from OUR HOME!

We signed all the papers this morning. Moved all our stuff out of corporate housing, and then spent the rest of the day cleaning the house.

Lucy loves loves loves the backyard and has even made friends with the neighbor’s dogs (3 HUGE dogs). Michael loves all the room to run and PJ just thinks it is wonderful to be out of his carseat!

My parents were able to make it down for the big day. Beth is still here too. Tim had to go back to work after signing gross amounts of paper work (basically signing our life away 🙂 )

Earlier today I felt like a trespasser but as the day went on the house started to feel more like home. The trucks (a semi and a half) should be here Monday! Once our stuff is here and we can put our things in closets and drawers it will really feel like home.

Tomorrow I will write more but for now, I need to finish my to-do lists (because lists have kept me sane in all the chaos) and go to bed.

A quick shout out to my parents and to Beth:


Your help has been invaluable and it has been great sharing this exciting time with you.

Beth, you are a super star and I am serious when I say come be our nanny!

For all that you have done….

Thank You Thank YOU THANK YOU!!!!!


A represtative from Inspecta-Homes (I thought it was a pretty clever name)went through the house with us yesterday and besides a few very minor issues the house recieved a clean bill of health!

We close tomorrow at 10am.

Tomorrow we will be home owners!

Tim contacted the moving company and we hope to be getting our stuff in the next few days. Until then we will be cleaning and getting organized. I can’t wait to get the boys in their own room, mostly I can’t wait to get Patrick out of ours! 🙂

As of tomorrow we will no longer be in house limbo. We will be able to settle down for a few years (5 for sure, maybe longer). Lucy will have a backyard to run in (and maybe even shed a few pounds of that “baby” weight she has put on). The boys will have lots of room to run too. And Tim and I will finally have a place we are proud to call home 🙂