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Michael has allergies.

Allergies, by the Barenaked Ladies from their album Snack Time, was playing while Michael was finishing up super. Everyone else was up stairs getting ready for bath time, so it was just me and Michael negotiating bites of chili for biscuits. As always with Michael, the conversation headed in an unexpected direction.

Michael: I have allergies.

Me: Do you?

Michael: Yeah I do

Me: What are they?

Michael: I am allergic to breath.

Me: To breath?

Michael: Yeah.

Me: Why do you say that?

Michael: Because Allergies are the same as allergic.

Me: Yes you are right….

Michael: So I have allergies to breath.

Me: Why do you think you are allergic to breath?

Michael: Because when Patrick breathes on me I feel allergic.


and then I said , “finish you supper” and ran down stairs so I could write it all down before I forgot it.

I love my son.

I love you Michael D.

If you do not own Snack Time, buy it. Even if you don’t have kids. It is a fun album. The kids, Tim and I love it. Kids music that doesn’t suck is the best!

New smile inducing song and show.

Have you been watching New Girl? It is a fun new show with an endearingly dorky Zooey Deschanel playing the lovable Jess. Too many sweet adjectives? Not possible, because she really is that cute. She is so cute in this show that I smile just thinking about it.

The best part about the show is the intro. I have been singing it non-stop since the first episode. It has fast become a favorite of mine AND Elise.

Anytime I sing it Elise smiles, giggles and starts to dance.

I am posting this with a warning. If you don’t want to be singing to yourself about a girl named Jess for the next two weeks, don’t watch this.

I think it is my new favorite theme song of all time. Yes, Beth. Even better than Friends’ theme song!
Anyone else have a favorite theme song? Please don’t say Lost!

Happy Monday everyone. It is a three day week so today is my Wednesday!


Four Finnish Cellist playing heavy metal… A little strange I know, but back in my freshman year of college I got addicted to it. A week after moving into our new house, I heard on the radio that Apocalyptica was in town, and I knew we had to go see them. If you still have trouble putting Heavy Metal and Cellos together, watch the video below:

The concert was at the Fine Line Music Cafe in downtown Minneapolis. It was a relatively small area (especially for a concert), and the band was right at everyone’s fingertips. The concert started 30 minutes late, but as soon as they stepped out on the stage, the crowd bristled with energy. We were able to get a few pictures, but they of course don’t do the concert justice.

I have a lot of respect for someone who has the dexterity to play a guitar with the speed required for heavy metal, but I have never seen anyones finger move as fast as these guys on their cellos.

I love living in the cities!