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Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day Weekend doing our best to set an all time record for being hosts of ticks. There was no use counting because there were just so many all over everyone. The kids and poor Lucy played host to the most.

Other than the ticks, our time at my parents cabin was (as it always is) fun for all. From the photos one would think that all we did was build fences all weekend, but I can assure you that we also over filled our bellies with delicious food and treats. The kids had fun on the 4-Wheelers and in the meadow, and the adults enjoyed iced tea on the porch.

Besides it being a long weekend because of Memorial Day, it was also my Dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dad…. now finishes up that fencing so the horses have a bigger pasture to enjoy!

And after two days of fencing, including a time where the son-in-law was voted to be the one to don the waiters and tie off the fence in the creek…

the horses we led into their new pasture land.

I don’t know who was happier, the horses or my mom.

more photos here

Cabin Time

Beth, the kids and I went to the Cabin for MEA weekend.

I am so far behind on photos… I still have Scotland photos to edit. I swear this school year, with all three kids in full time school, has been my busiest year yet! Someday I will get caught up on photos.

Until then, here is one photo from this weekend.


Mental Note Failure

I am not a super organized person. Most of my life I have gotten by with the process of making “mental notes” and then just magically remembering said “mental notes” and that is how things got done.

That doesn’t work as well any more. Maybe it is the 3 kids that are muddling up my “mental note” system. Maybe it is all their activities and school work. Maybe it is because I am on the other side of 30 now. (maybe it’s the fact that mental notes aren’t a system at all – Tim) I don’t know what the reason is but the old system isn’t working any more. They system is broken.

The broken system is why, for 2 months, I have had photos sitting on my computer that I never shared them on the blog. I made a mental note (a few mental notes actually) to publish the photos but never got around to it.

So here they are: Photos that I forgot to share with you all until now. Because “mental notes” after 30 when you have 3 kids, is not an effective system.

More Elise and Kit Kat photos here.

And not to be forgotten photos of the Scotland and Ireland trip. Here is a nice one of Grandma and Sarah.

If you are ever sitting around having coffee with my Grandma, Beth, Sarah or I ask them about the lady and her un-pictured Dad behind Grandma in this photo.

I have made a real, pen-on-paper, note to myself and stuck it in front of my computer that says, “finish posting vacation photos!”

More photos of St. Andrews and Blair Athol in my Scotland/Ireland photo gallery.


Up the Creek

Some of the best moments at the cabin revolve around hiking in and around the creek.

There was a time when this kiddo wouldn’t look into a camera lens. He makes me so proud and so frustrated and so happy and so mad…. he is just like his siblings.


For some reason this hike was the hike that everyone decided they would jump the creek as many times as possible.


This is definitely one of those times that, if you can’t beat them… join them! If you don’t, you get stuck on the wrong side of the creek.

And then we spent over an hour helping Papa break the beaver dam.

Everyone was in on the fun.

And then it was time to head back to the cabin because the only thing that can get the kids to leave the creek is their hungry, grumbling tummys.

Many Many more photos here. I didn’t bother editing them. Sorry.