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I never got it before. How is walking in the cold fun? I like to be warm. I like hot coffee, books and fireplaces. Then we went snowshoeing.


I didn’t get it…

I get it now.


Our Maple in Fall

When we move from this house the thing I will miss the most is the maple tree in our backyard.

It is big. It is beautiful, and in the fall it is amazing.

Our Maple held its leaves longer than normal this year. It was awesome to have an extra couple weeks of vibrant red and orange leaves.

Last night our maple dropped its leaves. It is like it gave up and dumped them all at once. The kids couldn’t be happier.

Fall is so short in Minnesota but it was great while it lasted.

Now the clean up and preparation for winter begin. If winter is anything like last year it could be May before we see grass again. The boys are wearing their new winter coats in these photos. They are ready for the snow. I am not.

Our new header and my favorite Patrick expression.

Love these kids.


more photos here.

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

Part 1

It was wet, rainy and foggy all weekend until the last hours of daylight on Sunday night. This made for a wet and chilly weekend that was a bit of a challenge to photograph. I did my best, but I am hoping when we go back over the 4th of July we will have sun so I can try and get some better photos.

Michael and Patrick drove (with a little help) 4-wheelers and Elise giggled. I really don’t know who had more fun. The boys or Elise.


Even though this photo is slightly out of focus it is still one of my favorites from the weekend.


My Dad is awesome at a lot of things, but there are a few things that I remember being in awe of when I was a little girl that I still am in awe of today. My Dad can make a blade of grass whistle and he can skip a rock like no other. These skills give my Dad some major Papa points with the kids.


Last year at this time Elise couldn’t fully appreciate the fun of throwing rocks into the water. This year she got it and was right there with her brothers tossing rocks and watching them splash. I think once a week this summer we will go to a rocky beach, I will bring a magazine and flip through glossy ads while the kids throw rocks. Sounds like a good time for all.


It was my Dad’s birthday over the weekend so I had Tim snap this shot so we could print it out and frame it for him. The only other thing my dad wants is a bigger tractor and the cabin renovations to be complete and I can’t do either of those, so photo in frame it is.



I don’t love her more than I love the boys, she is just so much easier to photograph. I think the boys are a bit fed up with the constant picture taking. They rarely even turn when I call their name if they know I am snapping pictures.


This new chip on their shoulder doesn’t deter me though, it just leads to more profile and silhouette shots.






After some down time that lasted just long enough to let their hoodies dry out a bit, we hit Lake Darling for some fishing.



I don’t know why I get a kick out of this shot but I do. The boys had so much fun and took it very seriously… until PJ got frustrated, but that is just par for the course. Here they are discussing their chances of catching a fish while Tim and my Dad do all the work.




Elise was the only one that caught something.


Michael had the most fun. He would have stayed out there casting all day long. If it wouldn’t have been raining I might have let him.





Look at that cast!


The poles were cheap poles from Target but they were worth it. We will keep them at the cabin (because Lord knows I won’t be taking them fishing!) and this can become a new tradition for the kids and Papa.


They did so much in the 2 days we were there, and so many photos were taken that I think I am going to have to break this up into another post!

Part 3 tomorrow.