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Our Maple in Fall

When we move from this house the thing I will miss the most is the maple tree in our backyard.

It is big. It is beautiful, and in the fall it is amazing.

Our Maple held its leaves longer than normal this year. It was awesome to have an extra couple weeks of vibrant red and orange leaves.

Last night our maple dropped its leaves. It is like it gave up and dumped them all at once. The kids couldn’t be happier.

Fall is so short in Minnesota but it was great while it lasted.

Now the clean up and preparation for winter begin. If winter is anything like last year it could be May before we see grass again. The boys are wearing their new winter coats in these photos. They are ready for the snow. I am not.

Our new header and my favorite Patrick expression.

Love these kids.


more photos here.

Happy Wednesday

This misty morning we played in the dirt, pushed the new “Big Dump Truck”, and slipped on the wet grass.

Good times had by all.

Check out the pics of the boys and round 2 of me trying to plant perennials in my front yard.