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Roger. Over and Out.

My parents have walkie-talkies at the cabin for safety. When one goes hiking alone, they take a walkie-talkie. Most of the time the other one remembers to turn on the remaining walkie-talkie.

The boys see walkie talkies and think nothing of safety. It won’t be long before they are speaking in secret codes over radio waves.

Add Papa and Dad driving four wheelers, and well, the boys were pretty much in heaven.

kurrrcht “Michael, can you hear me?” kurrrcht 

kurrrcht  “Yes! Papa do you hear Patrick? Michael you have to take your finger off the button to hear him talk again. Like this? No the button you are holding? This …?” kurrrcht 

kurrrcht “Michael can you hear me? Are you ready? Patrick let go of the button. I know Dad!” kurrrcht 

kurrrcht “You have to let go so I can talk Patrick….   …..  ….oops!” kurrrcht 

kurrrcht “Can you hear me? FOLLOW US MICHAEL! GO DAD GO!” kurrrcht 


more photos here


Papa, Nama, the kids and some horses

Here is the plan. There are so many photos. I am just going to post them and let them speak for themselves. As always, I will be uploading all the photos to the gallery as they are ready and post my favorite photos here on the blog.

I had the camera with all vacation. We spent a week at Nama and Papa’s house (my parents) and a week at Grandma and Grandpa’s (Tim’s parents) house.

Today’s photo is from Papa and Nama’s house. Out of all the kids I think Patrick loved the horses most. He was so surprisingly great with them. The kids had never been that close to a horse before and they loved the horses.