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Roger. Over and Out.

My parents have walkie-talkies at the cabin for safety. When one goes hiking alone, they take a walkie-talkie. Most of the time the other one remembers to turn on the remaining walkie-talkie.

The boys see walkie talkies and think nothing of safety. It won’t be long before they are speaking in secret codes over radio waves.

Add Papa and Dad driving four wheelers, and well, the boys were pretty much in heaven.

kurrrcht “Michael, can you hear me?” kurrrcht 

kurrrcht  “Yes! Papa do you hear Patrick? Michael you have to take your finger off the button to hear him talk again. Like this? No the button you are holding? This …?” kurrrcht 

kurrrcht “Michael can you hear me? Are you ready? Patrick let go of the button. I know Dad!” kurrrcht 

kurrrcht “You have to let go so I can talk Patrick….   …..  ….oops!” kurrrcht 

kurrrcht “Can you hear me? FOLLOW US MICHAEL! GO DAD GO!” kurrrcht 


more photos here


Two Wheeler

Patrick lost half his wheels on his bike last night.

He was a little worried.

But with the encouragement of his Big Bro and Little Sis, he rocked it!

A little coaching from Dad and he was ready to go.

He did really well.

Within minutes he was on his own.

We were all so so proud.

Steering was his only challenge. He is a bit of an over-correcter but he will be a pro in no time. He only ran into one junction box in the neighbor’s yard.

Such a big kid!

He has come a long way since his time on his little Crocodile bike. He hated riding bike. More proof of that hate here!

But last night he rocked it! You might want to watch the video at half volume or on mute. It was windy and I was cheering pretty loud!


Thursday Night Science

These photos mostly feature Michael because I had my 50mm lens at the museum for the first time and it was a bit of a challenge. Michael was the only kiddo who would actually stay at an exhibit long enough for me to figure out how to get a semi-decent shot.

As you can see from the following photos, Michael hates the Science Museum.

He really drags his feet every time we say, “Load up in the van. We are going to the Science Museum!”

Patrick feels the same as Michael.

I know this for sure… Patrick gets more exercise running from exhibit to exhibit at the Science Museum than he ever did while he was playing soccer or t-ball.

The Straight Wind Tube is one of their favorites. They love crafting little parachutes and watching them sail up the wind tube. They love it just as much when their parachute crashes.

Right now it is the “Space: An Out-Of-Gravity Experience” at the Science Museum of MN. To say that Tim and the kids are excited is the understatement of the century. We will be going back soon because the kids and I bought Tim a year-long family membership for Christmas. It has proven to be one of the best gifts ever.