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The Cabin at Dark

We made it home tonight after a long drive and a wonderful week of Christmas fun. We are about halfway unpacked but Tim and I ran out of steam so we decided to leave the rest for tomorrow. What I couldn’t leave until tomorrow was photos. There were a few photos in particular that I was really eager to see how they turned out.

Two nights before we left the cabin my Mom came in from her walk and said, “Meg it is gorgeous out tonight and it has warmed up. Can you take some pictures of the cabin?”

I have never taken night photos before. I own two lenses, the kit lens that my Rebel T4i came with an a 50mm that I bought later on. I didn’t know which lens would work better. I didn’t know what settings to put the camera at. What I did know was that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law bought me a tripod for Christmas and if I wanted any chance of getting anything other than a blur of Christmas lights, I would need the tripod.

For the record, “It has warmed up” meant that it was a balmy 10 degrees.

These were the best shots I got. Not horrible but now I am super intrigued by night-time photography and I want to learn more. The camera picks up some many more colors than the human eye can see at night.

The two previous photos are too grainy and the photo below is a bit blurry.

This one is my favorite because the camera captured more than I saw. The photo is grainy but I don’t care. I am pretty proud of this one from my first time trying night time photography.

Now it is bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be a long day of unpacking and tearing down Christmas decoration… if only it could be Christmas all the time. I love how festive the house feels around the Holidays.

More photos will be posted in the near(ish) future.

School Picture Day

Elise got a bath this morning. This is not a normal thing. Normally, I make an attempt to brush out the snarls and then we negotiate the style in which I tie back her “growing out like Rapunzel” hair.

This negotiation usually starts with a ridiculous, unachevable request like, “Can you make my hair look like Elsa today?” or “Can I look like the cowgirl Barbie hair from that movie?” and then I talk her down to a more realistic option like, “One or two braids” or “maybe just a pony tail, like the horse on the Barbie movie… I know you can gallop like a horse! How about a PONY TAIL?!” Sometimes, if we have a little extra time, she gets a French braid like “Little Elsa”.

Some days I go rogue and do a surprise braid. Sometimes these rogue braids are met with excitement, “You are the BEST MOM EVER!” and some days I am greeted with a less than loving tantrum, “I DON”T LIKE THAT. I HATE MY HAIR LIKE THAT!!!!” For the record, tantrums are always louder and require more caps to express.


But this morning she needed a bath because she has been sick and her runny nose had inevitably been wiped with her hair somehow so the snot had knotted up the hair into a germ filled nest. The reason she didn’t get a bath last night was because they were at Mouse Choir at church and we didn’t get home until late. If you are thinking this through and have come to the realization that I sent my 5 year old to church with snot snarled hair, you are correct.


The reason why I cared this morning about the snot filled hair and not last night? It is Picture Day at school. The day where parents dress their kids up in the nicest school clothes they have, brush their kids hair, write a check for an obscene amount of money for an unseen product, drop off their kids at school and hope for the best.

In this day in age, where I feel like most parents can take an equally as nice photos that expresses their kids’ personalities better than a “Sit here on the stool while I change the textured red background to a textured grey background” photo, Picture Day seems a bit ridiculous. But it is a right of passage and I need 5x7s to send to Grandparents, so I fill out the form three separate times, write three separate checks, dress them up, brush their hair and drop them off.

Before I dropped them off this morning I asked them to take a quick photo on the door step. I told them to smile like they would for the school pictures and this is what I got.


I have complete confidence that Picture Day photos will be flawless.


Christmas Card Outtakes

All of our Christmas Cards have been stuffed, licked, addressed and stamped and are on route to family and friends.

I never know how long it will take for the mail to get to their destination but I am guessing in the next couple days all our North Dakota family will be getting their cards. We have cards going from coast to coast (Oregon to Washington D.C.), some travelling as far north as British Columbia, and even a handful going over seas to Finland. It is easy to feel blessed this time a year. Christmas cards can be such a hassle but they are worth it.

This year was by far the most fun and the easiest Christmas Card shoot yet! Every year it gets a little bit easier.

Here are a few out-takes from our very informal Christmas Card shoot.

A few more out-takes here. 


Cabin at Sunrise

The kids had Thursday and Friday off of school last week, so Beth and I planned on taking the kids to the cabin for the long weekend. To make the weekend even longer I let the kids play hooky from school on Wednesday. It is a 10 hour drive from our house to the cabin when travelling with kids. That is a full day of travel, so taking that extra day off of school meant we got to enjoy 3 full days of cabin fun before heading home on Sunday.

I have over 2,200 photos to sort through and edit. These were the first photos I took on our long weekend at the Cabin. It will be a while before I get the rest finished. For now enjoy the view of the cabin at sunrise.

I am pretty happy with how these turned out. I did minimum editing and I think they look pretty nice. I have not photographed a lot of sunrises or sunsets because sunrise is far from my favorite time of day and at sunset time it is chaos inside the house!

as I get photos edited I will post them to this album.