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I never got it before. How is walking in the cold fun? I like to be warm. I like hot coffee, books and fireplaces. Then we went snowshoeing.


I didn’t get it…

I get it now.


Last Day of School

June 9th was the kids’ last day of school. It was a much-anticipated day in the Shannon house. By the end of the school year I am out of steam. I forget to sign daily folders and planners. I can’t keep track of what special day it is for what kid, because the entire last month of school is one “Special Day” after another.

PJ Day! – wear Pajamas and bring a stuffed animal

Extra recess! – bring sunscreen and water

Movie Day!  – bring a pillow

Wear School colors! – teal and purple

Wear Grade Level Colors! – Purple, Orange and Blue respectively

Game Day – Bring a board game

Picnic Day – eat lunch outside bring a towel to sit on

And it went on and on, and rarely did each kid have the same event on the same day.

Needless to say…. when it came time to take the last day of school photo, I was almost in tears. Tears of sweet relief!

The kids have come so far. I would say that this year was the best year that both of the boys have had in school. They were blessed with wonderful teachers and even though there were some really tough times throughout the school year, the teachers we incredible and we felt supported as parents and we knew when we sent our kids to school, they were loved. It was a good year for all three kids, but the boys really hit the jackpot with teachers.

Michael finished 3rd grade on a positive note and is excited to be a 4th grader. When asked what he wants to be when he grown up he said, “I want to be a computer programmer like dad!’

Patrick finished 2nd grade with really high grades in reading. He has become quite the reader. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he said, “I want to be a Myth Buster but if that TV show is gone when I am a grown up, I want to be a science teacher.”


And Elise. We went to our very last Kindergarten Graduation. It was a bittersweet day to know we will never have a Kindergartner again. Elise, on the other hand, was stoked to move on to 1st grade. This girl isn’t really excelling in her academics. She is however, rocking at “Specials” which are what her school call Gym, Music and Art. She made it through Kindergarten and first grade will be a challenge but we have a whole summer of Mom and Elise reading time to help catch her up. When asked what she wants to be she said, “I want to be a Mom, and a Cowgirl and…. can I still be an Artist if I am a Mom and a Cowgirl too?”

A few more pics here. 

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day Weekend doing our best to set an all time record for being hosts of ticks. There was no use counting because there were just so many all over everyone. The kids and poor Lucy played host to the most.

Other than the ticks, our time at my parents cabin was (as it always is) fun for all. From the photos one would think that all we did was build fences all weekend, but I can assure you that we also over filled our bellies with delicious food and treats. The kids had fun on the 4-Wheelers and in the meadow, and the adults enjoyed iced tea on the porch.

Besides it being a long weekend because of Memorial Day, it was also my Dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dad…. now finishes up that fencing so the horses have a bigger pasture to enjoy!

And after two days of fencing, including a time where the son-in-law was voted to be the one to don the waiters and tie off the fence in the creek…

the horses we led into their new pasture land.

I don’t know who was happier, the horses or my mom.

more photos here

Daily Grind

A little snippet of our Daily Grind:

Kids walk in the door after school. 

Michael, “Mom what is that smell? What IS that? Why does it stink so bad?”

Me, “I baked homemade bread today.”

Michael, “Oh. Mom, I don’t want to hurt your feelings but your bread smells really bad. Can you make the smell go away?!!”

Me, “Elise, do you think Mom’s bread smells bad?”

I hold the loaf of still warm bread under her nose.

Elise, “I can’t smell anything, the boogers in my nose are blocking the smell.”

I know I haven’t posted much lately. Things are busy and the blog hasn’t been top priority. I will do better to make more time for it because 10, 20, 30 years from now I am going to want to share stories like this with the kids.

As for photos… I still take them. I take photos all the time, I just haven’t been great about uploading them. Here is a photo from this past weekend when it was a beautiful 50 degrees. We trekked over to Hastings for the afternoon with Beth in tow. It felt so wonderful to let the sun warm us from the outside in.