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Busy Bee


I think pollinating is slightly less work then getting a house ready for guests. I don’t know this for sure never being a bee and all but I would glady switch places and give it a go.



I snapped this pic moments after handing her the drink and she was already turning Orange. At a stop light I turned around to take a look at the damage and there was Orange everywhere so I quick tucked a wipe under her chin thinking it would at least stop the flow of carrot smoothie from dripping down her neck and onto her clothes. I was regretting giving her the drink the rest of the drive home. I kept thinking at least her sweatshirt is black. I should’ve just bought the $3 silly cup they sell at Jamba Juice. Why did I give her it at all?! All negative thoughts UNTIL I went to pull her out of her car seat and she had wiped herself clean. All clean. She even wiped the car seat clean where it previously been Orange. There was only one spot of Orange left on her pants.
The boys would have never done that.