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Old Pictures, better organized

I’ve finally gotten around to properly organizing our old website photos in the new gallery format.

So if you want to see a very excited Megan in Europe

Or a very young looking me (with too much thinning hair, and in desperate need of a wife to buzz it all off)

Then head on over to the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 albums in the gallery.



Oh, and one more; uncle Steve before he was uncle’d

Thanksgiving, and “leftovers”

Meg cooked an amazing meal this Thanksgiving, but she did have some help:

I was put in charge of two simple things.  The pumpkin pie filling, and the scalloped corn.  The pumpkin pie filling ended up having way too much condensed milk in it, so Meg had to creatively add some additional pumpkin she had lying around, and the scalloped corn mysteriously took an additional hour and a half to cook.  I still have no idea what I did wrong there.

While everything was cooking, the boys patiently waited for the “big supper”.

And of course the day after stuffing ourselves silly, we put up Christmas decorations on “decorate day” as Michael put it.  I’m pretty sure Thanksgiving is just that day that comes before Christmas decorate day for Michael.

Elise took down the ornaments about as fast as we could put them up.


And finally we stuffed ourselves again on leftovers.

That is, most of us did.

Michael is an incredibly picky eater.  The complete opposite of Patrick and Elise wherein we have to tell them what they can’t eat, instead of what they have to.  Michael firmly refused to eat any of the Turkey because “it was too stringy”.  So Meg, not to be thwarted by the resolute logic of a 5 year old, did something I was incredibly impressed by….

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New Photo Gallery

We’ve been posting to this website for about 5 – 6 years, and now more than ever we’ve discovered that it’s become a sort of a scrapbook for us.  We have a record of the exact date Michael took his first steps and the video to accompany it, when Elise was born, and a torrent of photos documenting the past 5 years.  So many photos, in fact, that our old method of posting them has gotten a little tedious.  Luckily we’re now running on our own web server, so I can do things like install some proper gallery software, and customize it for our use.

I’ve brought all of our old pictures into the new photo gallery, and with them all in one place I now know that we’ve posted 23,691 pictures!  You can see all by clicking on the photo link at the top of the page, or going here.

It’s nice to have all of those archived pictures in one place now.

For instance, you can see how much Patrick and Elise look alike when they are eating.
Elise Eating Patrick Eating

Or the fact that Michael’s smile hasn’t changed in 4 years:

Or that the boys have always been buddies:

Michael and patrick playing

Or even pictures as far back as the wedding:


They are all there, so dig into them, and feel free to comment now on individual pictures!  And if you are looking for something new instead, I believe Meg has posted some pictures here that you haven’t seen yet.

Back Home – updates coming

We’re back home, and Elise (and the boys) are sound asleep. She is much more comfortable at home in her own crib, then she ever was at the hospital. The same can be said for Meg and I as well.

There were some issues with the last video posted, and one of the picture galleries. Those have now been fixed, so check them out if you haven’t yet. It’s amazing how far she’s come in just a few days.