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Michael D: Star Student

Every month at Michael’s school the teachers get to nominate one student for the Star Student Award. Among those nominated, one kid from each grade is selected. Michael was nominated by his teacher and won!

On Friday morning they held a breakfast to honor the students and the families were invited to celebrate their kiddo’s achievement. Miracle of miracles all of five of us were at his school by 8:10 to eat some pastries and cheer on Michael when he received his award.

Michael’s teacher said a few words about Michael to the group of families that were there.

Later, while eating some sweet rolls with us, she explained further why she nominated Michael.  We had a good laugh over how worried both of us were going into the school year. I think we were both braced for the worst. This year could have been a never ending uphill battle. But it hasn’t. Michael has been so good. Have there been a few issues? Sure. Has he exceeded our most hopeful expectations? Absolutely!

It meant so much for both Tim and I to have all of Michael’s hard work recognized. He has come so far and matured so much in the past few months. His teachers are outstanding. They are kind. They go above and beyond. They are firm and don’t let Michael get away with anything but they understand the obstacles he faces and are willing to adjust and teach Michael the way he needs to be taught. That means breaks from the classroom so he can do some push ups or a headstand. It sometimes means sitting on a Disco Sit or chewing on a chewy while writing his letters. Because of that Michael loves school. Is there a great gift that a teacher could give a kid? He LOVES school.

The teacher on the left is Michael’s kindergarten teacher. The teacher on the right is his resource room teacher who comes and gives Michael the breaks he needs throughout the day. She helps Michael with his push ups and headstands and reminds him to think of other and that his actions have consequences. They have both been incredible. We LOVE good teachers!

Often kids with Sensory Processing Disorder are labeled as bad kids. Most people don’t understand why  someone with SPD needs to touch everything on the shelf, startles (and even screams) at unexpected toilet flush, baulks at an unexpected touch and may loathe or love a big bear hug. Michael is learning and has come so far. He learns new skills all the time to help him and he is only in Kindergarten. We are so proud of his level of maturity and are so excited to see the boy he is becoming. My kid loves science and is honest in the most refreshing way. He is kind and is learning to be thoughtful and considerate. He is smart- so very smart and is such a great example to his little brother and sister (most of the days).

We are so proud of him and are so grateful that other recognize all the hard work he does and all the effort he put in every day to be the best he can be. He is a star.

(it was PJ day at Patrick’s school)