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Over half way there…

Yesterday marked 21 weeks.

I am feeling good. Baby is moving a lot. Tim has even felt baby kick!

Tomorrow we get to start using pronouns! The ultrasound is scheduled for 9:15… if baby isn’t camera shy, we will post the big news tomorrow. Hopefully even a pic or two!


Michael is still running a very low fever, has a cough and a runny nose. We are trying to get him to sleep as much as possible, so we are turning off the ringers at the house. Tim and I both still have our cells, but we will not answer the house phone.

Normally, he is such a good sleeper that a phone call doesn’t bother him, but with this cold, he isn’t sleeping as hard. So… if you want to know the sex of the baby you will have to either call our cells, or check the website. We should be done with the doctor around 3-3:30.