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Shannon Birthday Extravaganza

The Shannons came to visit for a Birthday Extravaganza. Four of the seven Shannons have a birthday in January and February.

All five cousins got to play hookie from school on Friday and then spent the day at the Science Museum of Minnesota. It was a fun and exhausting day. We spent 5 hours working our way through the exhibits and then finished the day by watching the Humpback Whale Omni Theatre movie.

Saturday was all about birthdays. We spent the day hanging out. Elise sweet talked Jon into dancing with her to the Okee Dokee Brothers. If you have Netflix, check out the Okee Dokee brother’s movies Can you Canoe and Through the Woods. We are big fans of the Okee Dokee Brothers so when Netflix released the videos for Watch Instantly we were pumped.

Elise couldn’t have been happier than she was while she was spinning, twirling and dancing with Jon!

Of course there was cake.

And there was hours and hours of playing house, Legos, video games and art. It was a fun weekend.  Don’t believe me? Just ask these two monkeys.

Labor Day Weekend

We are not positive but we think that it has been 3 years since we have all been together. Because of that, the camera came out and we marked the occasion with some family photos.

The Shannon Five!

The Original Shannon Five!

Out Takes.

And finally, a sweet family photo of everyone. I only had to “Gimp” one set of eyes, and I will never tell you who was the only one that was blinking out of the entire Shannon clan. 🙂

Christmas with the Shannons

unfortunately this year not all the Shannons could be in Grand Forks at the same time. This is the first year since I joined the family that this has happened and it was a big bummer. The kids were the ones who were most disappointed because it meant not spending time chasing their cousins.

We did still manage to have a lot of fun. Michael especially had a blast. Michael would coerce anyone who would look into his big green eyes to play a round of Munchkin with him. Uncle Steve and Uncle Jon spent most of their break battling monsters of all levels with Michael.

Elise spent most of her time shadowing Grandma Shannon.

Every once in a while she would give Grandma a break and play in Patrick’s imaginary world. 


Patrick really did spend most of his time like this, sitting on the floor playing blocks. He floated from the board gamers to Grandma and Elise, but really I think he enjoyed a break from all the Christmas chaos and just had some serious chill time.

It was a really relaxing and nice way to round out the Christmas break.

Limitless Imagination

If Patrick grows up and works behind a desk in a cubicle from 9-5, Monday – Friday it will be a waste of something so special.

Patrick’s imagination, creativity, story telling and empathy blow Tim and me away. There couldn’t be more nondescript blocks than these oversized Legos but that didn’t stop Patrick from seeing those blocks as complex monsters and robots and creating an intricate story line that had a full story arc. He played quietly with those blocks for hours.