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Sleepy Baby

Patrick slept THROUGH the night for the FIRST time last night!

He started sturring around 5:30 am, I groaned, rolled over, looked at the clock and just started smiling. I slept for 6 1/2 hours straight for the first time in 3 months!

I love my sons!

Three Weeks Old

We survived another week.

PJ is now 3 weeks old.

Patrick 3 weeks

Michael is starting to get a little jealous. He is wanting to be in my lap while I feed or hold Patrick. We have come up with a good compromise for that problem though, Michael will bring me a book and I will go sit on the couch with Patrick and Michael will come and sit next to us so I can read to him. I could use another hand or two at times, but for now, things are going pretty good.

Patrick is doing well. He seems to be putting on weight. He is sleeping better at night and feedings are now about 3 hours apart so Tim and I feel more rested. I would say we are almost into a routine, but things change so quickly in the first few weeks that you never really stay in one pattern long enough to call it a routine 🙂

Patrick is squirming and starting to wake up, I should cut this short. For everyone who didn’t see yesterdays post make sure you check it out…last minute Baptism plans.


Really, how much sleep does one person need? Tim and I are testing the limits. We have been getting on average 4 hours of sleep.

It has nothing to do with Patrick being a bad sleeper, he is a great sleeper he just has his nights and days mixed up. It seems to be getting a little better and there may be a slow transition happening into “normal” sleep time.

Other than lack of sleep, which is to be expected, everything is going great. Better than ever expected or even wished for.  Michael thinks that Patrick is this great funny new thing Mom and Dad brought home. He is getting better at being gentle with Patrick and hasn’t seemed jealous yet. That said the two of them are already conspiring to make life just a little more difficult. Patrick only gets fussy when Michael needs something and Michael seems to wake up from his nap every day just as I start to feed Patrick, and if you think that its possible to pull a 25 lb toddler out of a crib while breastfeeding you are crazy!

Back to the Grind

Tim is now back to work and Michael and I are back to entertaining each other. Last week went so fast, I forgot how long a day could be. I had gotten used to being able to tag team Michael. Michael is now taking steps which means a lot of falling and crashing into things.

For those who haven’t heard about our vacation here is a quick overview:

Our vacation didn’t go as smoothly as planned. Camping was a disaster. We drove the 6 plus hours to the Black Hills and were there just long enough for us to set up our tent, make dinner for the Shannons, and try to put Michael to bed. I still don’t know if it was the tent he was scared of, or just the whole new environment that freaked him out but he was not happy and the WHOLE camp ground new it. We finally got him to sleep after driving in circles for almost an hour. We gave in and decided that he could just sleep in the car seat for the night. That lasted about 30 minutes before the storm rolled in. The lightening woke him up and the thunder made him screaming bloody murder. Tim made an executive decision and we grabbed as much stuff as we could in the dark (it was mid-night by then) and we headed for home.

We made it all the way to Pierre, SD before getting a hotel room. Michael had been crying on and off the whole drive and he finally crashed in the hotel room. Tim and I were delirious from lack of sleep and passed out the minute our heads hit the pillow. Michael, on the other hand, decided to sleep all of an hour and a half. We were up by 6:30, ate some continental breakfast, showered and were on the road again by 8am.

We finally made it back to Bismarck around noon and decided before we ever try camping again we are “practicing” in the back yard first!

We have no pictures from the trip, but it is probably a good thing. That night is best forgotten, or used as black mail when Michael is a teenager.

We spent the remainder of the week relaxing at home, going on walks to the dog park, I quilted, Tim saved the world from alien invasion and we ate a lot of ice cream. Not the vacation we planned, but it ended up being a good time.