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I never got it before. How is walking in the cold fun? I like to be warm. I like hot coffee, books and fireplaces. Then we went snowshoeing.


I didn’t get it…

I get it now.


Christmas at Cabin Part Two

I wrote briefly about Christmas “inside at the cabin” and now I will share with you (more specifically, my Mom and sister who have been checking the site multiple times a day waiting for these photos) “Outside at the Cabin”

Outside at the Cabin.

For some reason this photo reminds me of Will Farrel as Buddy in “ELF” when he is walking like big foot.





Snow is fun no matter what you are doing but snow becomes extra fun when you have a 4Wheeler, a rope and a sled.



The sled is fun but it becomes dangerously fun when you swap the sled for a snow tube.




Elise didn’t do any jumps but she would have rode in the tube all day long if the boys hadn’t made her take turns.


While one kid rode behind the 4Wheeler the other two helped Nama build Olaf.


This kid knows how to work the camera.


And here he is with the completed Olaf the Snowman


My mom, who hasn’t seen Frozen, loved that the kids wanted to name the snowman Olaf because she had a Great Uncle Olaf. Yeah, that is how Norwegian we are.



There were hours and hours of fun. I didn’t get photos of my Mom trying to drive the 4Wheeler up a hill with thigh deep snow because I was too busy pushing the 4Wheeler up the hill. I should have take more video but I think the photos do a pretty good job showing the joy the kids and Papa and Nama feel while playing in the snow at the cabin.

Like all things there must be an end, for us we played until the sun set and then it was time to go inside for hot chocolate.



The kids got two full days outside at the cabin and that alone was worth the 10 hour drive. All the Christmas at the Cabin photos can be found here.