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Baseball Nights

We did two years of soccer and this year I actually remembered in time to sign up the boys for baseball. (Sidebar – why is baseball sign up in February?!) I thought baseball/t-ball would be a better fit for our kiddos and it is. Baseball is a much better sport for our boys, but unfortunately it still isn’t a great fit.

I don’t know why parents gets so competitive with their kids at such a young age, but the amount of stress that is placed upon these first grade going into second graders is insane. Baseball should be fun at this age and shouldn’t leave the kids overwhelmed and anxious.

That is what baseball is for us this summer. It is struggle between how much fun the game can be and how great the kids are with the conflicting anxiety and stress that is being put on the kids by the parents and coaches. More than once I have wanted to grab Michael and his gear and storm off but I didn’t.  Reflecting back on those moments, maybe I should have.

This is a recreational league of 7 and 8 year baseball. It should be all about learning skills, learning the rules of baseball, getting a jersey, hanging out with friends and indulging in whatever treat the treat-parent brought. It shouldn’t be about regret and embarrassment for overthrowing the ball to first base or forgetting to tag the runner when it isn’t a force out.

In stark contrast to baseball is Patrick’s absolutely perfect t-ball league. The kids are having a blast, learning skills and are having fun just being outside with a group of kids their age.

I understand that every year the kids get more competitive. I believe the game wouldn’t be fun if the kids didn’t progressively become more competitive every year, but the boys’ team leagues are only one year apart. The giant leap between pitchball and t-ball should not be so giant. Just because the tee is gone doesn’t mean their skill levels have magically grown to pro levels. Next year Patrick’s team will be playing at Michael’s level and I can’t help but be sad for them. All the fun is being stripped from the game because it will all the sudden become about winning instead of fun and learning.

The parents at the t-ball game watch in amusement and cheer with encouragement. The parents at the baseball games shout at the boys to keep their elbow up and scream corrections when I play was incorrect.

I have been reassured by other parents who have older kids that the rec leagues become fun again when the more competitive parents kids break off and start competing on travelling teams. The thing is, that break doesn’t happen for another 2 years. Our neighbors who have super competitive and talented kids warn me against “burning out” our kids too young on sports because their eldest daughter “peaked” in jr high and now has a high schooler has begun to lose the love of her sport. It all just makes me so sad.

We have two more nights of baseball/t-ball left for this season. Tim and I will have to think long and hard before we sign up the boys for next year and that bums me out big time. I have such fond memories of playing softball all summer long. I wanted that for my kids.

This is what baseball should be about.

Unfortunately these photos don’t reflect Michael’s experience of playing baseball this summer.

America’s Pastime

#Updated with more photos

Michael has fallen in love with baseball.  At tonight’s game he got two hits. One was a foul ball and the other he was thrown out at first. It didn’t matter because after his bat made contact with the ball you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.


He played pitcher one inning ( he is in coach pitch league so the kids don’t actually pitch) and he fielded and then threw 4 great, controlled and accurate throws to first.


Best of all he is one of the team. He is making friends and having fun. I am so proud of him.

Patrick had t-ball tonight and it was his turn to bring snack so he came home all smiles and had an awesome night too.


a few more photos here

Last soccer games of 2013

Thank you Jesus. We made it through another season.

Here a few highlights and as you can tell by the photos the kids (all three!) are really enjoying soccer… I have 9 months to come up with a good excuse to not sign them up for next season.

Elise fits into Patrick’s soccer cleats from last season so now she insists on wearing them to all soccer games along with a pair of leggings to look like soccer socks. Look at the intensity on her face!

 The temp was in the mid 90s, so we were all pretty miserable in the heat but with a constant intake of water and gatorade we were able to keep our spirits up enough to make it through all four games.


Michael really did well this season. This year it wasn’t just about controlling his body and keeping the rules straight, this year he played aggressive when he needed to and best of all stayed focused and in control of his body. This is a big win for a boy who struggles with SPD, and we are so proud of him

Michael played goalie twice this season. Twelve shots were made at the goal over the two times he was goalie and only one went in. He is really proud of this and we are too. He definitely shines while playing defence.

Patrick played 100% harder than he did last year, but there was a lot of room for improvement. I would say that he made an honest effort about 35% of time. The other 65% of the time was spent picking grass and running just enough to make it look like he was working.

And finally, a well deserved treat after a successful season.


more pics here

Now if they could just win a game…

Not that it really matters to is. We are in it for the gear. We are a merchandisers dream come true.






Right before the game we hit up canal park to throw some rocks, aka burn off some energy and kill some time.


That bulldog went everywhere with her this weekend.





We have been to 5 bulldog games and have yet to see them win…

Will that stop us from making the almost 3 hour drive from the cities to Duluth?

Absolutely not.