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He’s getting so big!

So, this afternoon when we heard Michael getting up from his nap, I saw the coolest thing. Usually I burst open the door and flip on the lights quickly, which usually leaves Michael rolling around and giggling in his crib. This time when I opened the door, I saw Michael standing, yeah that’s right, standing in his crib waiting for me to pick him up.

He was done napping, so he decided that he would try to let himself out of the crib. He is getting so big.

Also, another milestone was hit recently. Michael has just started crawling. He’s not too good at it yet, but if he wants something bad enough he’ll crawl towards it. Usually this thing that he’s after is either Lucy’s tail, or block towers which I build in order to get him to crawl towards me. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some video of it, although it’s hard to catch him in the act, because as soon as he sees us bring the camera out, he sits and smiles, and forgets completely what he was doing. He’s such a ham. I think he gets that from his mom.