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Thanks, but No!

I want to make this clear.

We appreciate everything everyone has generously given the boys and us. We have been blessed with generous friends and family. We are grateful for everything from we have gotten from receiving blankets and bibs to cookies and casseroles. We do, we really do appreciate all the help and gifts we have received over the past 3 years.

Please take a moment. Soak in our gratitude.

All soaked?



Gratitude has been stated.

Now, I ask this. No, I beg this. PLEASE do not give, send, secretly hand our boys any more stickers. No more. Especially those that come in a book so they can peel and stick them themselves.

If you have a book of stickers all wrapped and waiting for the boys, stick them in a closet. Put them high up on a shelf so they can not find them when we come visit. We are not anti stickers forever. Just give us a year or two. We will love stickers again some day. I promise. Just no more stickers for now.

Why the strong feelings toward stickers?

Because they are everywhere.

They have taken over our house!

I will be posting more sticker pics as the weekend goes on to prove that this is a crisis!