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Two weeks short of two years

It is no surprise or secret that I am hard on my phones. For a while the phone in my pocket had a life span of about 8 months. I have had phones dunked in juice, dropped in the toilet, they have nose-dived off of high shelves, been encrusted with goldfish crackers, stepped on, painted and much more. The boys are getting older and now that they have their own tablets I don’t have to share my phone (flipside: I can’t hold them responsible for ruining my phone). Elise is slightly more independent than she was 2 years ago, so our house is finally starting to be clean as the norm instead of the chaotic mess that it was when the kids were 5,4, and 1. Finally, my head is starting to clear from the sleepless fog that is parenting a kid under the age of three. All of that is to say that my smart phone died,  dead, not even a chance of resuscitation, a little over two weeks ago. I am hoping now that the boys won’t be playing on my phone, that Elise thinks my phone is just for taking pics, the house is clean(ish) AND my head is on straight, that my next phone will stand the test of time or at least make it through a two-year contract.

I am getting a new phone this weekend. My current phone finally gave out after almost 2 years of abuse by me and the kids. I still don’t know what finally broke it for good, the coroner’s report is still out but I am leaning toward Tim trying to fix it being the cause of death. It has been 2 1/2 weeks without a phone. I went crazy the first week , second week went better, but I still felt like I was forgetting something every time I left the house and now into the third week I am kind of enjoying it. And here I thought waiting 18 days to renew my phone contract would be impossible!

When it comes to phones I tell Tim what I want my phone to do. Taking great pics is number one priority, receiving and sending phones calls is a close second. I want to be able to share the pics I take and I want to be able to write and post on the blog. I thought that wasn’t too tall of an order until I started typing it out. Is it not INSANE what phones can do now? I am excited for a new phone but I think I will miss the freedom that comes with no one being able to contact me 24/7 and the pressure to reply to emails instantly. I have been checking email about 3 times a day for the 2 weeks instead of the average three times and hour when I have a working smart phone. Guess what? No one died and I didn’t really miss it that much. I did fall tragically behind on Celebrity gossip and sales at Gap but I think that might be for the better! Do I really care who was Best Dressed at the Oscars? Well Yeah I kinda do but do I need an email to alert me about ever sale my local Gap has to offer- really how many pairs of jeans do the kids and I need?!

The verdict? I am exited for the phone but maybe the whole “Unplugged Weekend” thing is something we should add into our schedule  Don’t worry Tim. I am thinking once a month, not every weekend. Zombies and Creepers would take over the world if there wasn’t someone there to keep them in check on a regular basis.

What do you all think? Maybe a little less connected is a good thing? I think I am going to unsubscribe to some of the deal alerts and gossips emails I get BUT I miss Instagram so much- I can’t give up my perfectly square overly processed pics. There has to be a happy medium somewhere, right?!


Bath Night

Anytime cottage cheese is on the menu, bath is automatically next on the schedule.

don’t you just want to cuddle her close and give her a big hug?

Look close and you will see a very cranky Patrick. Patrick was having a Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Day (Birthday Hint for PATRICK!) yesterday. He told me many times that he did not love me anymore.

I don’t know if it is my mothering instinct finally kicking in or my soft spot for kids with character but for whatever reason- this photo of him all cranky makes me love him even more – even if he proclaimed on multiple occacsions that “I don’t love you mom.”

Look again at the above photo and notice the tiny box in the right hand corner of my laptop screen. That is my Eye-Fi card (remember my extra cool, extra geeky birthday gift from Tim?) in action. As I was taking these photos the Eye-Fi card was uploading them to my laptop. I don’t know how it does it. Tim could probably tell you but I like the mystery of it. I am still angry at him for ruining the whole Willy Wonka explanation of the miracle of television!

Here it is in action again with Elise admiring. Don’t worry Tim. I didn’t let her cottage cheese paws touch the laptop!

It must be noted that after a bribe of movie time on the couch followed by a bath of his own Patrick said, “I love you again Mom.”

Happy Birthday to Me!

A letter to me by me because it is my birthday and I can blog what I want to.

Tim and the boys woke me up this morning with breakfast in bed (Tim’s famous pancakes and yummy eggs) and an orange wrapped gift. It needs to be mentioned that all this happened at 7:45am. That means that I got to sleep in. Tim went in late today so I could sleep in and we all got to have a little bit of family time.

The boys were kind enough to open the gift for me – I know, I raised a couple of real gentleman! – and inside the orange wrapping (everything in this house is orange right now thanks to it being Michael’s color of choice) was a gadget I didn’t even know existed, an Eye- Fi memory card. The Eye-Fi memory card is a special memory card that automatically uploads every photo I take on my camera to my computer and the internet! How cool is that?! I never have to worry about losing photos. everything is automatically uploaded, organized and saved. That is, as long as my computer is on and there is wi-fi available. So really it will work everywhere except the cabin.

When we were in Minot 2 weekends ago I received early Birthday Cards from my family. I am blessed to have such a big caring and close knit family. I mean seriously, my Aunt, Uncle and cousins still send me a birthday card every year. I am well aware that this is not the case in many families.

I am blessed to still have my Grandma Moo and Grandpa Bux (who I will always call by those names) in my life. My Grandma Moo is the most incredible and strong woman I know- my mom is a very close second. Grandma Moo defies every stereotype of a Granny except for her love a quilting. That is pretty Granny-ish! She has more spirit and spunk than anyone I know and she can beat almost anyone in arm wrestling! My Grandpa Bux is a pillar in the community and his business sense leaves me awe struck. His love for chocolate is matched only for his love for his family and I totally relate to him with that. I too am weak when it comes to chocolate. You can often find the two of us conspiring to sneak goodies off the sweat treat tray when no one is looking!

As mentioned above my Mom comes in a very close second to my Grandma as my number one female role model. Beth and I joke all the time about her secret Super Woman cape she has hidden behind her cardigans. She is a woman to be respected (and sometime feared when you don’t get your room cleaned before company comes- even if the company never goes near your room let alone enters the closed door!). She balances her fear/respect inspiring persona with the ability to laugh easily and play an impressively damn good game of Hand and Foot! Her Hand and Foot partner in crime is the man I most admire in the whole wide world. I love you Tim but I loved my Dad first. My Dad takes the cake – the whole cake – on this one. His big Norsky Viking body is about and intimidating as it gets. That combined with his love for shooting gophers while drinking Baileys on the Cabin’s porch would be frightening in anyone’s book. But the minute he sees his girls, Mom, Beth or I, he melts and becomes the Biggest Teddy Bear that you will ever meet. At least that is what I thought. I thought no one could melt him like his ladies and then I had Michael. There is no better Papa in the world. My Dad is the favorite of all three of our kids. There is nothing better than Papa in the kids’ book. They love Papa and everyone knows how much Papa loves my kids. It makes me so proud and happy to see my kids play with their Papa. I may have come in past curfew a few times in High School and pissed him off when I fought with mom but having those three kids has made up for every transgression!

Beth is my best friend. Even if we only get a long when we see each other in time spans of a week or less and we love each other the most when we are living in different states. Beth would kill for my children – and possibly enjoy it as long she wasn’t killing a kitten or any other kritter. Beth is an advocate for the under dog which gives her and Patrick a very special “second child” bond. She is the only other person on the planet who loves Lucy unconditionally. Beth has more love in her heart than anyone I know and I am grateful that she spreads that love on as thick as my Mom butters both sides of a bun all over my kids. She loves them up good but at the same time she never takes any crap from them. I think that Beth has gotten in more shouting matches with the boys than the boys have with each other!

You all know how much I love my kids. I never thought I would be a mom at this age. TWENTY EIGHT! Seriously… wasn’t I just turning 18 and heading to Canada?! This unexpected path that life has put me on was not a part of my starring on Broadway plans. Even if I did star on Broadway – which after High School I thought was the only direction life would take me- and I was as famous as Bernadette, Bette, Patti, Liza and Barbra I doubt I would ever receive the genuine love and excitement I receive every time I walk into a room that Elise is in. The boys don’t react that way anymore but they do yell at Tim when everyone is loaded up in that car and Tim backs out without me “in my car seat!” I know they love me.

I have a husband who, after almost 6 years, still boggles my mind. Every day we learn more about each other. We are polar opposites in every way and that makes life a challenge at times but so fascinating and fun. Tim has brought logic into my life in a way that grounds me. He not only accepts but loves all my quirks (and my unfinished projects – he has been waiting for 4 years now for his quilt). He has seen me at my best and my worst which ironically both happened while pregnant…. I suppose when one is pregnant for half of their marriage years that isn’t so surprising. Tim is the smartest person I know in the weirdest ways. There isn’t a “why does that do that?” that Tim can not answer but if you replace that “that” with a “he or a she” he is dumb founded. Like I said, we balance each other.

I would be nowhere with out my family. I am blessed. I didn’t choose my family and I didn’t really choose my friends either. My two best ladies are a mystery too me. Christine and Jess and I work like a three piece puzzle. We couldn’t be more different and yet something about surviving and making it through the Jamestown College Theatre Department has bonded us for life. We laugh together until Diet Coke is shooting out of our noses. We cry together. We shop together. We drive for hours to be together and end up holed up in hotel room watching a Toddlers and Tiaras marathon, gossiping all night long and have the best time ever.

It may seem that the blog has been heavy with sentimental cheese lately but I promise that after an Elise 1st Birthday post things will get back to the daily grind of poo, goo and cutting the cheese style posts. And expect even more photos than usual thanks to Tim’s thoughtful gadget gift. Only Tim can be so thoughtful and logical at the same time and still give a great gift. I love you Tim. I love my family and my friends. And kudos to you reader of this forever long, self indulgent post for making it to the end!

Happy Birthday to Me!