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Thanksgiving, and “leftovers”

Meg cooked an amazing meal this Thanksgiving, but she did have some help:

I was put in charge of two simple things.  The pumpkin pie filling, and the scalloped corn.  The pumpkin pie filling ended up having way too much condensed milk in it, so Meg had to creatively add some additional pumpkin she had lying around, and the scalloped corn mysteriously took an additional hour and a half to cook.  I still have no idea what I did wrong there.

While everything was cooking, the boys patiently waited for the “big supper”.

And of course the day after stuffing ourselves silly, we put up Christmas decorations on “decorate day” as Michael put it.  I’m pretty sure Thanksgiving is just that day that comes before Christmas decorate day for Michael.

Elise took down the ornaments about as fast as we could put them up.


And finally we stuffed ourselves again on leftovers.

That is, most of us did.

Michael is an incredibly picky eater.  The complete opposite of Patrick and Elise wherein we have to tell them what they can’t eat, instead of what they have to.  Michael firmly refused to eat any of the Turkey because “it was too stringy”.  So Meg, not to be thwarted by the resolute logic of a 5 year old, did something I was incredibly impressed by….

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So Very Thankful

I am thankful for my family, for our health.

I am thankful for my friends.

I am thankful that tomorrow morning I have a turkey to cook and a TV to watch the parade on.

I am thankful, so very thankful for it all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thankgiving!  I have one thing to be thankful for… that we’ve finially stopped eating!  Meg made enough food to feed a small army, or my family twice.  We have so many leftovers.

I’m trying to get these pictures posted as quickly as possible for all of the family members who couldn’t be here.  Also, for those who aren’t here, I think Meg is shipping you leftovers.

The boys have been loving all of the attention they’re getting, I’m sure they’re going to be bored with plain old mom and dad when everyone leaves.  Michael has been showing uncle steve all of his tractors, Patrick has been playing with Grandpa’s beard and toes, while Michael drives cars all over him.  That and lots of screaming and running.  You can see it all in the pictures below:






See the rest of the pictures here.

P.S.  Meg says it’s Christmas season now, although she’s been playing christmas music since August.


Posting was on my To Do List so here I go.

We are busy.

Tim is crazy busy preparing for another Roll Out.

I am busy checking off our To Do lists.

We are getting ready for hosting Thanksgiving for the Shannons

We have a ridiculous number of lists and they are even more ridiculously long.

Slowly we are getting there.

Update on boys:

PJ is taking more steps. He was a little nervous to see Steve. (Steve came up on Saturday)

Michael loves Steve. He asks for “Uncle Steve?” everytime he leaves a room.