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Scotland and Ireland Photos

I have photos… lots and lots and lots of photos.
I will post them as they are ready to be posted, please be patient with me and check the Gallery often. I plan on posting them to the Gallery as they are ready, it will take a while to get a written blog post edited and up about the trip.

For now, here is one of my favorites. It is from our first day of travel in Scotland. I didn’t edit a thing! Scotland is that beautiful and we were that happy.

We are home.

The kids and I have been gone for two whole weeks.

Before I allow myself to dump photos I need to tackle our jungle of a lawn, a mountain of laundry and unpack.

It is great to be home but I did not miss all the responsibility that comes with being a home owner. It is always more fun to do dishes at family member’s home while chatting and catching up with loved ones than it is to tackle the dishes at home while listing all your other to-dos in your head while you scrub eggs off a frying pan.

My motivation is clear, I am getting chores done so I can play with my camera and editing software.

Ready. Set. Check email. Check Facebook. Check Instagram. Check Twitter. Check email again to see if any new important emails appeared like free lawn mowing service for tired moms. No free lawn services so… Go!


Disney World Day Five: Epcot

Going into this trip all I kept saying to Tim is “All I want is for a couple good photos of the kids looking at the camera a smiling in front of something Disney.” It took an embarrassingly long time to figure out that the kids are more willing to pose for photos if I ask them to do something silly or to pose like what is behind them. In the end those are the photos that are more fun to take and more fun to look back on. Note to self- stop being such a downer and lighten up. It started with Gaston the day before but this day at Epcot was all about being silly in front of the camera. I had changed my goal. Photos of the kids smiling at the camera to photos of the kids having fun.      Michael didn’t want to look at the camera because it was sunny so instead of having him squint at the camera he made a monster face. Closed eyes work with a scary face- espcially when you are laughing while making said scary face.   Just like the Tom Sawyer Island, this Monsters University playground was a fantastic way for the kids to take a break from the rest of the theme park. Look at the details of the park. So stinking cute!    Tim got to eat his first ever Cronut (Croissant Doughnut) so you know, his trip was a complete success. A few strips of crispy bacon and Tim would have thought he was in heaven. Starred Photos16   The kids had icecream as a morning snack because well… it was vacation and you have to pick your battles.  Plus it was so hot that day! Elise couldn’t eat her icecream fast enough. She was not impressed when Dad “helped” her out.   After the playground and a sugary snack break we headed around the world. Canada.   Great Britain. His cheeks are puffed out because he is pretending to be transported like he is in Tardis.    Pretending to be Hook. Pretending to be eaten by Tic Toc Croc. Starred Photos17   France.  Clogworth and Lumiere     I told him, “It is a sundial and that the shadows on the sundial is how they used to tell time before clocks!” Boom. Science and History lesson by Mom. Tim walked up to us and told him it was an inaccurate way to measure time and it only worked sort of the time and only during part of the year. Tim explained why it only worked part of the year. Michael liked Tim’s answer better. Patrick and I walked away during Tim’s teaching moment and looked at the flowers.    Moroco.       Japan.     The stage where my High School Choir performed my senior year. The kids were not impressed.   Views of the Epcot ball (Is there a name for that?) Starred Photos18   Germany.   Africa. He was having a blast. This is what he calls his “Rock Star Drummer” face. I wanted to buy one of each of those musical instruments. Tim said no.   I begged Tim to hold up Elise and pose for a photo. Tim said no.     China.   Norway.    We completed our around the world with a taco and quesdilla lunch in Mexico. We backtracked ever so slightly to go on the Norwegian boat ride and it scared the shit out of Elise. She may be named after her Great Great Great Grandma that came over on the Boat from Norway but the does not mean that she likes giant trolls.

We started this entire day with me racing to get in line so the kids could meet and greet Elsa and Anna. I stood in line for a half hour before the person charge of the line told me that my current position in line was a 4.5 hour wait to see Elsa and Anna. I left the line and met back up with Tim and the kids who had went on Spaceship Earth for their 3rd and final time. It ends up that we were able to peek at Elsa and Anna through a door in the gift shop after riding the Norwegian Boat ride.

We left Epcot and took the monorail over to the Polynesian resort for dinner at ‘Ohana. This was the dinner that still makes me giggle even thinking about it. Tim and I both do not like eating chicken off the bone. I have never made chicken wings. We have never ordered chicken wings. This restaurant served family style and one of the meats they brought over were chicken wings. Michael turned into a straight up carnivore. I have never seen him eat any sort of meat like he did those chicken wings. There was a pile of bones on his that would have rivalled any grown man’s plate. He just kept saying, YUM! THIS CHICKEN IS AWESOME! Even the server was giggling at him. Good food and good times.

After dinner we headed back to the resort for our last night of our vacation. We soaked up as much of the resort as we could by doing some more animal watching.


This is one of my favorite photos from the resort. It is a favorite because if you look close you can see a mom and her child watching the giraffes through a window.





More photos here. 

Disney World Day Four: Magic Kingdom

While at Disney we stayed at Kidani Village. The resort was incredible. Absolutely beautiful. We were in a “one bedroom villa” that had a full kitchen and right off the kitchen was a sitting area with a couch and chair. Both couch and chair folded out into beds and that is where the kids slept. Tim and I had a bedroom and bathroom off of the living room. The suite was a splurge but in the end, because we have three kids, Disney requires us to be in a room for at least five. There isn’t an option to all share a double queen room and have a rollaway cot delivered. So really our choices were getting a suite or paying for two adjoining hotel rooms. Maybe when the kids are older we will opt for two rooms but for now, I feel better knowing that there is only one entrance to our suite. Both the sitting area/kid sleep zone and the bedroom had doors to a balcony. From the balcony we watched the safari animals. Not sure there is a better way to start the day.

On the morning pictured all the animals were of the deer family. I am not sure of the logistics of it all, but we saw many kinds of animals out the window. The zoo or wildlife reserve, or whatever they call it, is open range. The animals can wander wherever they want but I think they “herd” them by putting out the different feeds in different areas everyday. We would see warthogs one day and antelope the next. All from our balcony when we lathered the kids in sunscreen.

Starred Photos15

This is the lobby of Kidani. That window… it was beautiful and there were always zebra and giraffes right outside.

We just missed the shuttle bus to Magic Kingdom and it was a 20 minute wait for the next one. I seized that time to take a few portraits of the kids.


We got to Magic Kingdom and our itinerary was short and sweet. Today was our half day at the park. We would spend the afternoon back at the resort swimming because four days of theme parks in a row can take a toll on you. We needed a break.

We did the classic Carrousel of Progress and while we were in it the ride got stuck and we stayed in one area twice. If you have ever been on the ride you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, it wasn’t a big deal.  We just got to watch a scene play out in front of us 2.5 times while waiting for our theatre seats to spin. Again, Elise loved the dog. I am pretty sure it was the same animatronic dog as from the Pirates of Caribbean ride.

We also did the Buzz Lightyear ride which Tim and the boys loved. They got to shoot laser guns at Zurg in black light lit neon rooms. Pretty sure it was a favorite of the boys.

We carbed up the kids before heading to the other side of the park for my most anticipated part of the day. The Little Mermaid ride.

We rode the carousel and I took my favorite photo of Elise of the entire trip. 

Here is another of Elise.

We didn’t have lunch reservations. You can get reservations to eat at the Beast and Belle’s castle but we opted to save our sit down nice meal as a date night for Tim and I. Instead we ate mac n cheese and apple slices on the ground next to a garbage can. It was the best mac n cheese I have ever ate.

We stopped at the Gaston fountain and I just have to say, Patrick I love you.

Then we went on the Little Mermaid ride. I spent the better parts of my summer as a kid leaping out of the water singing and pretending to be Ariel. I was so excited to go on this ride.

After that ride we took a few more photos before heading back to the resort for some much-needed swimming and non-park time.

Before swimming and waiting to get sun screened.

After swimming we took the kids to a daycare that the resort has, and Tim and I got a date night. The kids got to eat burgers and watch Frozen and Tim and I got to look at the animals, enjoy the beauty of the resort and eat some delicious Indian food.