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How To: Taggy Blanky

I have mentioned Elise’s taggy blanket before in the post, Sagital Synostosis / Cranial Facial Reconstruction: Our Story. Her taggy blanky brought her so much comfort when she was in the hospital but taggy blankets are not just for babies in hospitals, they make great baby gifts for any baby. Elise loved her Taggy before surgery and she still loves it now at almost 2 years old.

Here is how I made hers and every other one I have made since. The one photographed below I made for a baby shower gift just this past week.

Cut two squares equal size of fabric. I like to use minky fabric on one side. Babies love them some minky. If you choose to use minky it is much easier to work with if you iron on a light weight interfacing first.

Cut a bunch of ribbon. I cut mine to about 6 inches but there is no measuring involved. Just rough cutting. Some bigger some smaller.

Fold ribbons in half and pin to the front of one of your fabric squares like so.

*Tip* sometimes ribbons have a right and a wrong side. BOTH are good for taggy blankys. The more textures in the ribbons the better. In the above photo the ribbons are the same (different color but the same) but one is facing wrong side out and the other is right side out.)

Pin all around the taggy blanket varying textures and colors of ribbons.

Zig Zag stitch the ribbons in place. I round the corners to make later steps easier.

Then pin your other square of fabric on top.

Make sure all your ribbons are laying flat and pointing in.

Straight stitch all the way around the inside of the zig zag stitch taking care to leave a 2-3 inch gap to turn the fabric right side out.

Trim rounded corners

Turn right side out

Then you have this:

Pin your final ribbon into place

Then top stich around the outside.

And you are done!

I made this quilt to go with the Taggy Blanky.

more pics here.