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“But it can be.”

Happy Fourth. Photos of us celebrating our nations birthday will be up later. For now, I want to share with you a trailer for a show that had me covered in goose bumps and swelling with national pride.

He answers the question with, “It’s not!” but what the clip doesn’t show is how he later says, “but it can be.”

If you have HBO, watch the The Newsroom. If you don’t have HBO, find a way to watch The Newsroom anyway. Aaron Sorkin does not disappoint.

Enjoy your beer, burgers and dogs.


New smile inducing song and show.

Have you been watching New Girl? It is a fun new show with an endearingly dorky Zooey Deschanel playing the lovable Jess. Too many sweet adjectives? Not possible, because she really is that cute. She is so cute in this show that I smile just thinking about it.

The best part about the show is the intro. I have been singing it non-stop since the first episode. It has fast become a favorite of mine AND Elise.

Anytime I sing it Elise smiles, giggles and starts to dance.

I am posting this with a warning. If you don’t want to be singing to yourself about a girl named Jess for the next two weeks, don’t watch this.

I think it is my new favorite theme song of all time. Yes, Beth. Even better than Friends’ theme song!
Anyone else have a favorite theme song? Please don’t say Lost!

Happy Monday everyone. It is a three day week so today is my Wednesday!

Have you met Ted?

Tim and I have been filling our winter waiting for spring nights with “How I met your Mother”

I have to say it is one of the funniest shows I have seen in a very long time. I might go as far as to say it is better than “Friends”. Thats right Beth,  better than “Friends”.

Monday nights are the new episodes. I would highly recommend starting at the beginning. Rent or add to your Netflix cue the first 2 seasons.

They are…. wait for it….