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Two Wheeler

Patrick lost half his wheels on his bike last night.

He was a little worried.

But with the encouragement of his Big Bro and Little Sis, he rocked it!

A little coaching from Dad and he was ready to go.

He did really well.

Within minutes he was on his own.

We were all so so proud.

Steering was his only challenge. He is a bit of an over-correcter but he will be a pro in no time. He only ran into one junction box in the neighbor’s yard.

Such a big kid!

He has come a long way since his time on his little Crocodile bike. He hated riding bike. More proof of that hate here!

But last night he rocked it! You might want to watch the video at half volume or on mute. It was windy and I was cheering pretty loud!


First Swim Meet

I am quite proud of myself for not crying like a complete sap, but I did well-up enough for my vision to be as watery as if I was one of the kids swimming without goggles. What can I say… my Dad was a competitive swimmer, my sister and I swam competitively for many years and now my kids have swam in their first swim meet.

The swim school they go to has a few options for make up swim lessons. One of those options is a “Fun Meet” and that is what the kids did today to make up for the swim lessons they missed while we were on vacation. I didn’t know what to expect and I was more than pleasantly surprised.

They had it all organized into heats with the littlest kids going first. It was well managed and in a little over an hour they were able to let each swim level race in multiple events.

Elise swam the “tiger paddle”, or what we called growing up the doggy paddle. The teacher that swam with her wasn’t her usual teacher so the teacher asked if Elise wanted a noodle to swim with. She doesn’t usually swim with the noodle so I was surprised when Elise opted to swim with it. It was probably a good thing though because she has never swam all the way across the pool.

Tiger Paddle: 46:84 seconds

Elise’s second event was the “bird flap” The swim school focuses on safety so the kids know what to do if they ever fall in or feel overwhelmed. The “bird flap” is what they teach the kids after they are comfortable floating on their back.

Bird Flap: 49:49

Patrick swam the free style. Not a lot to explain here except that I think this meet was a bit of a wake up call for Patrick that maybe he should try a bit harder in lessons!

Free Style: 34:16

Patrick also swam the backstroke. He is much more comfortable with the backstroke.

Backstroke: 32:20

Michael swam freestyle.

Freestyle: 18:27

He also swam backstroke.

Backstroke: 18:19

Michael’s final event was breaststroke. He has only had 2 lessons where they had been working on breaststroke. For now his teachers focus on teaching the arms and they let the kids flutter kick until they get the arms down.

Breaststroke: 20:65

Of course the kids’ favorite part was the ribbons. That used to be my favorite part of swim meets too.  That and running around with my friends in-between events… oh and eating taco in a bag. I don’t know why, but it seemed like every swim meet there was always taco in a bag. Taco in a bag is awesome. Swim meets are awesome. I hope this is the first of many.


I am so proud of my little swimmers.  More pictures here.

Bad Dreams

Every time, I mean every time, I let Elise out from her room in the morning or after nap she says, “I am sad. I had bad dream.”

First of all, HURRAY! for her actually talking now and not just pointing and grunting like a two-year-old cave-toddler. She was barely putting together two word phrases six months ago when she started speech therapy, and now she is talking all the time. I swear all her teachers did was play toys with her and a few puzzles, but they were able to get her talking and since she started she hasn’t stopped.

I don’t remember exactly when it started, two or three months ago maybe, but it was consistent for quite some time. She would wake up at 11 pm and cry. Not a “I woke up and think I should get out of bed but it is still night and I am bored so I could use some attention cry“, it was a sudden and fearful cry. Both Tim and I would go into her room and check on her. It usually took some rocking and singing to get her back to sleep.  It always took a lot of back rubbing, but she would always go back to sleep after we comforted her. It broke my heart when she said that she had bad dreams. She would rush into my arms and hold me tight and say “It was scary” over and over. There is nothing I can or could do to make the bad dreams go away so I would just hold her until she was ready to be let go or until she went back to sleep.

I am sure the 11pm cries were bad dreams. But the 11pm cries haves stopped and she is sleeping through the night again. Now I am beginning to suspect that she is practising her fibbing and story telling skills. When I let her out of the room she is happy and excited when I open the door and she exclaims  “ITS WAKE UP TIME!” and then the minute I take the baby gate down from the door frame her smile turns to a pouty frown and she says “I had bad dream. It was scary.” She then pulls on my leg until I pick her up and let her snuggle into me. Tricky tricky girl.

Recently, I have started to ask her what her dreams are about and here are some of the more common answers (again: this happens every time I let her out of her room)

Me: What was your bad dream about?

Her: There were monsters.

Me: Really. What kind of monsters?

Her: Scary monsters.

Me: What did they look like?

Her: They were happy. They had happy face.

Me: Really? There were happy monsters in your bad dream? What did they do?

Her. They ride on horse and they and they and they were (she opens her eyes really big and smiles) and they were PRINCESS MONSTERS!

Here is another frequent “bad dream”

Me: Who was in your bad dream?

Her: (looks around the room and sees her quilt with horses) Horses. Scary horses.

Me: Oh yeah? What did they do?

Her: Horses like to smell flowers.

Me: The scary horses smelled the flowers in your dream?

Her: (Big eyes and smiles) YES! THEY LIKE THE PINK FLOWERS! So yeah… I think we made it through the nightmare phase will little to no permanent scaring. One less thing for her to complain to her therapist about when she is twenty.

Easy Reader

Before school Michael reads his early reader book. Twice a week he turns in one of these books and brings a new one home. The first ones he brought home had three word sentences that he struggled through. He is now reading paragraphs and doesn’t sound like a robot. I am amazed at how far he has come in just a few short months. Sky is the limit for this kid. Although Tim would be quick to point out that Astronauts don’t limit themselves to just they sky….