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Elise as Carrie

I shot this at the park this morning because all I could think of was Carrie when I saw her running up and down the hill.

Does this bring back memories for anyone else?

And a couple Instagrams from this morning:
Studies show that this is the most funest way to ride a swing.

Path of least resistance or Road less travelled. One of life tough choices right here folks.

Tutu’s, Dollhouses, and Cupcakes

Busy day for a busy little girl.  We had big plans for Elise.  So much so, that Meg spent a good portion of her own birthday planning and building all of the details of Elise’s.

Elise’s birthday actually took two days to celebrate.  The first day was mostly spent at the zoo.  The boys hadn’t been since they were really little, and Elise had never been.  She really liked the monkeys and the dolphins.

After getting back from the zoo, we finished building Elise’s big surprise: The dollhouse.

And after that, (around midnight) Meg started working on the necessary Tutu for Elise’s Tutu 2 party.

And finally, to go with the dollhouse and the tutu, Meg made a special set of ballerina cupcakes.

All in all.  Elise had a very special day.  Happy 2nd birthday Princess.


Many more pics here and here.