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Caught in the rain

I have never had to jeans stick to me like I did last night. I had to peel them off when we got home but it was fun. Lucy wasn’t impressed but I had a good time. (first selfie with the big camera- excuse the awkward angle)

We were a few houses into our walk around the block when the sprinkling rain started. We were half way home when the rain, lightening and thunder started and 3/4 of the way around the block when the down pour and high winds hit us. Lucy was scared. She doesn’t like thunder, lightening, rain or any weather that it isn’t sunny. Every clap of thunder Lucy stopped walking and cowered next to me.

Neighbors laughed and shouted anecdotes from their covered porches or man cave garages while they watched the unexpected down pour wash everything, including my blow dried and flat ironed hair clean. You are right neighbor with the green door, I should have brought an umbrella. Of course minutes after making it home the rain let up and the sun came out again.

It was a fun way to end the day. A wet and surprising way to start the weekend. Hopefully the sun stays out and we can finally get our spring yard work done. Those dandelions won’t kill themselves.

One for the records

I took this pic this morning while Michael was waiting for the bus.

If the Twin Cities gets 2 more inches of snow it will break all sorts snow fall records. Duluth broke the most snowfall in any month today (previous month to hold that record was November and that was in the 90s). Now they are predicting that the temps will reach 70 by the weekend. When we arrived at swim lessons yesterday day it was raining. When we left swim lessons and hour and 15 minutes later my car was covered in snow and it was raining and snowing at the same time. This weather is inducing more mood swings than the final month of pregnancy. Elise has worn both ballet flats and snow boots outside within the same 24 hours. This morning Michael was in full snow gear waiting for the bus, and this afternoon I could see grass over most of our lawn and Patrick was wearing a hooded sweatshirt as a coat.

It’s not even fun to wear my new Sorel boots any more.


If I make it out of this winter without being committed it will be a miracle.

My two favorite photos from vacation

runner up:

and my absolute favorite goes to:

My home town of Minot, ND got 8 inches of snow last night and this morning in MN I dressed the kids in full snow gear to go to school. It looks like we will be skipping right over Spring this year but Summer is coming soon right? Like I said yesterday… just 4 days of UV rays has changed my mood so drastically that I believe that a sunny vacation should be required for anyone who lives in the upper Midwest every year around this time.

Missing Color

This photo is not in black and white. In this photo is the flowering tree I planted the first spring we lived in our home. It has beautiful pink flowers. In fact all of the snow-covered foliage you see in this photo I have planted over the past 4 1/2 years of being a home owner. One of bushes in the back have tiny yellow flowers, two have neon green leaves with light pink stripes on them, there are red stemmed barberries and there is a hydrangea shrub under all the snow that flowers a pretty baby blue. Right now everything is desaturated to the colors of dirty snow and hibernating brown. There is a reason Crayola doesn’t make those colors. They are not fun. They do not make you smile.

I am done. Yeah a heavy snow fall can be beautiful but I miss colors. Greens. Yellows. Reds. Purples.

Spring, where are you?

As I type that question I am hearing Elise’s voice in my head. She has a very distinct way of letting us know she is awake.  She opens her door and looks down the hall with her hands on the baby gate calling for me, “MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU?! I’M DONE NOW! MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU?!” I really should get video of it, it is sweet. Well it starts off sweet anyway. The first time she asks “Mommy, Where are you?” it’s as if I were there a minute ago not the actual 12 hours previously when I said goodnight before Tim puts her to sleep. It is like, Hey where did my pen go? or Where did I place my cup of coffee? It escalates from sweetness to shouting in about 3 minutes, which isn’t sweet. She shouts the same thing over and over. “MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU? I’M DONE NOW! MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU? I WAKE UP NOW!” It is annoying. I will think it is sweet again when the sun shines and it actually warms things up and doesn’t just get your hopes up for a balmy 34 degrees, when in reality the minute you step outside the freezing wind and barely above zero temps freeze you to the core.