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The time the blizzard lead to a mini vacay

We thought we could beat the storm but we lost the race.


There were times when driving that there was no visibility at all. It took us 35 minutes to drive the last 11 miles of I94 into Fergus Falls.


We were able to get into a hotel that took dogs and had a pool. We stopped at Walmart on the way into town, all the while cheering on Tim and the Sienna for navigating the blizzard so well. I quick ran in and bought snacks, swim suits (cheap shorts for the boys because they didn’t have trunks in their size) and then we made our way to the hotel. I have never been so happy to have Tim shift into park.

The kids are loving our impromptu vacation. We have all been swimming. We ate pizza. We watched a movie while eating treats in a bed we don’t have to clean. Life is pretty great.


We are watching the weather and are hopeful that we will be able to take off mid morning tomorrow.

it is 10am and we are waiting for roads to open. We sprung for a second adjoining room and everyone got a good night sleep. Now that we have ate our fill of hotel waffles we are just killing time watching road reports, playing on tablets, watching Disney Channel and of course playing with coffee stirrers.

Good thing we paid for that second room so we could spread out a bit!

making a list

Packing it twice…

We are hunkered down today fighting off the croup, ear infections, runny noses and gernal yuckiness. Also, we are packing.

If all goes to plan and the boys are feeling well enough tomorrow we will take off for Minot. We will make a pit stop in Grand Forks to drop off all the Shannon gifts and pick up Beth.

We are hoping to be in Minot by 7-8 o’clock. That is IF the boys feel up for it, the roads are good and there are no other unforeseen crisis.

Road Report looks good in ND and MN right now. We are forcasted for 20 degrees tomorrow, so hopefully that won’t change into blizzard over night!