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Eye Doctor

This morning we had an appointment with an eye doctor, and I was telling Michael about going to the Eye Doctor while I was dressing him.

Shortly after that I heard him running around the house going “P Doctor”, “J Doctor”, “X Doctor”, and so on.

Toddlers Amaze Me.

Remember this post from the beginning of April?  Michael was just starting to learn a few letters.  Well now he knows almost all of them, and he knows some words that start with specific letters as well.

Santa… Claus…et?

This weekend while we are out grocery shopping, Santa Claus came by, because he thought our boys where cute. Michael was a little scared right away, but he warmed up to Santa quickly. Either due to the fact that Grandpa Shannon has gotten him used to beards, or because he was carrying a basket of Candy Canes.

When we left the store, Michael said “Good bye Santa Closet.”
He’s been saying it ever since.

“Hello Santa Closet”
“Good bye Santa Closet”
“Yummy Santa Closet” – for a while there I think he thought the candy canes where Santa’s
(whispering) “Wow! Santa Closet!”


Michael is talking!

These are his words:

aminal (animal)
dahc (dog)
papa (grandpa)
anma (grandma)
fffii *insert spray of spit* (fish)

Sounds he is relating to objects:

Mahh (Cow)
Mehh (Goat)
Meeah (Cat)
Baaa (Sheep)
Vrrmmm (Car)

Patrick is getting really big and is FASCINATED by everything Michael does. Patrick doesn’t need toys, he just needs to be looking at Michael. He can’t get enough of his big brother.

I know it is hard to be missing all the milestones. We are trying to figure out when we will take a chunk of vacation so we can make the rounds to see all our family this summer, until then we will keep video and pics coming. Oh, and of course, you are all welcome to visit anytime!

Here are the most recent pics.