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The Shannons came to visit… last month

The Shannons came to visit us over Labor Day weekend. It was a weekend full of hanging out watching the kids play, late night board games and trip to the MN Zoo.

These are some photos from that weekend. It took a long time to get these posted because unlike after a weekend with my family, no one called, email or texted me telling me they couldn’t wait to see photos. I appreciate the excitement from my family but I also appreciate the Shannons letting me get to the photos in my own time! School started the day after the Shannons left so since they left things have been crazy around here. Have you noticed the drastic decrease in posts on the blog? Yes? That is because the level of crazy in our house directly correlates to the lack of posts on the blog.

Back to it. Here are some photos of the weekend. I didn’t take as many photos as I should have while everyone was hanging around the house because I was too busy hanging around the house with them. At the zoo however, I got some fun shots.

Zach later showed all the big boys up by scaling to the top of the web without any hesitation. The kid is a monkey!

I think Patrick and Steve have a lot in common. They are good buds.

We have been to the Zoo almost a dozen times since we bought our family membership but we have never actually done the Butterfly exhibit. It was really fun. We will definitely hit it again next time we go.

The kids had a lot of fun trying to track down all the different species of butterflies

Starred Photos36


The fish were another BIG hit.

The baby monkeys were in rare form and the kids got a kick out of seeing them wrestle “Just like we do!”


Here are my favorites from the day.

Patrick was my buddy for the day. We both love to take photos.


And then when we tried to get a rare photo of all five cousins together Jon photo bombed the photo and what was a cute photo became an awesome and memorable moment. Meet Uncle Jon the Big Scary Spider!


For the record cranky Elise is mad because she was sitting directly behind Michael and I had Tim move her to the other side of Michael so she could be seen in the shot. Girls… they are awesome.

She got over it pretty quick when we asked her what a baby bird in a nest looks like.

Starred Photos37

More photos here



Shannon Christmas and Milestones

We FINALLY got to have Christmas with the Shannons. Weather ruined the first attempt. It was a belated celebration and kudos to the Shannons (especially Ruth and Jim) for keeping the Christmas spirit (and their Christmas tree) alive until mid-January!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend but it was fun. So much fun. The boys got some fun toys and some super cute tie blankets that they now sleep with every night, Elise got some oh so sweet outfits, Tim got a remote control helicopter that he and the boys love (and if anyone is looking for hints for Tim’s birthday- batteries!) and I got two fantastically fun and hilarious board games. And that was just the beginning.

It is always fun to get together with all the Shannons. We never sleep much and we come home exhausted but it is worth it.


The hat we got Zeke was just a little to small… guess little Ezra will have to wear it when she comes. (Ezra is what I call Zeke’s pending sibling. I think it will be a girl)

and the hat that Jim and Ruth got me was just a little bit to big for Elise

Even with the late nights we always manage to make it to Jim’s church on Sunday morning. See Mom, I told you I loved the sweater and that I would wear the scarf you made!

As of this past Saturday (the 22nd) Elise is now rolling over both ways. I will get video up asap.

She is also eating sweet potatoes.

AND sleeping unswaddled!

and whenever the helicopter batteries are charging Tim and the boys now spend their time playing video games… Tim couldn’t be happier!

the boys love it too.

It is has been a long week

this makes me smile and reminds me how much I love my kiddos even when Patrick is naughty and throwing full blown tantrums or when Michael wants to play trains for the hundredth time or when Elise blows out of a diaper just after I change her – that girl goes through diapers like crazy!

so yeah, videos like this

and pics like this

and this

and this

make it all worth while

please continue to pray for Landon and his family.

Belated Birthday

Sorry Ben! Wednesday came and went and we just forgot, I even emailed you. Shoot.

Oh well. You have had so many birthdays you have probably stopped caring if Birthday wishes are early, belated or right on time!

So from all the MN Shannons, Happy Birthday!