Wedding Day

Timothy Mark & Megan Lynn Shannon

July 30th, 2005


Tim and I were married just seven short months after he proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower. We were married in Minot at my home church, Christ Lutheran.

The Wedding Party



Bridesmaids Groomsmen

Best Man: Steve Shannon & Maid of Honor: Beth Clute



Getting Ready for the big day!


The Service

Christ LutheranThe moment we had been planning, preparing and waiting forBarry and Meg was just about here. But first, I had to conquer what I knew would be the hardest part of the entire day, walking down the isle with my Dad. I was bouncing up and down I was so nervous. I didn’t want to be a complete wreck, but mostly I just wanted to make it down that long isle. Tim later told me he could see my veil bouncing up over the heads of our bridal party! I did it though, I made it down that isle, gave my Dad a huge hug and joined Tim at the altar. The ceremony went by really quick. Jim, Tim’s Dad, officiated and did a great job. The music was all done by the bridal party and sounded beautiful. In fact, Rachel and Beth’s duet (The Prayer) brought Jim to tears.








We exited the church to the song of “This Will Be”

Following the service, after the meet and greet, we took pictures. This is what I was most anticipating. Our photographers, Otis and James, were outstanding. They made it fun, some of the best pictures we have we didn’t even know they were taking the picture. The candids turned out so well. We had a blast taking the pictures and it shows.

My parents were generous enough to host the reception (who am I kidding, actually they hosted the who shabang!). The reception was held out at their cabin and it was beautiful. We set up a big white tent the morning before, hung all the twinkly lights and it turned out wonderfully. The only downer to the day was the extreme heat. It was pushing 90 degrees and for a born and raised North Dakota a girl in a big wedding dress, it got a little hot! Once the sun set and it cooled off the fun began. We danced the night away (even though the DJ wasn’t that great) and had a wonderful time. To sum it all up, I never really dreamed of what I wanted my wedding to be like, but if I had, my dreams would have come true.

The next morning we opened gifts and headed off on our honeymoon. We drove all the way to Sandusky, OH to get to America’s best amusement park, Cedar Point. No sandy beaches or rustic romantic cabins in the woods, we wanted roller coasters! We spent 2 days riding wicked rides and splashing in wave pools.











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